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[3.1.2]Evolution 3D[PvE][24 Slots][Anti Greif][24/7][Open][Hiring Good Staff]


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Server Ip:


  • No Spamming
  • No 1x1 Towers
  • No Asking For Items
  • No Annoying Staff
  • No Greifing
  • No PVP
  • No Asking To Be Staff
  • Have Fun

Banned Items:

  • Most of EE (Except things like Energy Condensors, Tablets, etc.)
  • ComputerCraft

About Us:

I started Evolution 3D a few months ago with a partner but we failed due to server issues. We have now revamped with the money we had, and are relaunching!

Other Useful Tidbits:

  • Were 24/7!
  • We have restarts every three hours to reduce lag.
  • We run backups every hour.
  • We are an open server with no whitelist.
  • We run PermissionsEx, AntiGreif, Essentials, etc.
  • We are hiring good, dedicated players as staff.

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Since you don"t have a staff application:

IGN: openlattesteve

Experience: Admin for two minecraft servers and one tekkit server

DESC: I'm annoyed by griefers and I enjoy building. i have built many large creations and I also create Adventure maps. It's been a wile since i have played tekkit though.

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