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  1. IGN- openlattesteve Age- 15 Reason- It's been awhile since i have played good-old fashioned tekkit. I want to get back to the basics. Experience- 2+years. I am experienced with everything except railcraft, some redpower things, and anything with the plants...I am a server builder, and make adventure maps. My main purpose in minecraft is to build cool things for everyone to enjoy.
  2. I'm a server builder and I pretty much hop from server to server looking for ones that need help. I make adventure maps and the such and am incredibly experienced with redstone. if you need a builder for arenas/gametypes or just aesthetics/spawn buildings. send me a message or talk to me on the server. *sorry my IGN is openlattesteve
  3. Age- 15 Central standard time- Illinois I'm fairly good with voltz, whatever i don't know i use NEI for. I'm a major scale builder who creates adventure maps. Good knowledge of command blocks and redstone wiring. I am open to grouping with others but i usually work alone far, far away. Being a builder, i personally hate griefers and do not tolerate them at all. I know the difference between an attack and a grief. although if I joined the server I tend not to PVP frequently. like I said i like to build *IGN- openlattesteve *skype osok11962
  4. Do you guys need a server builder/Architect? I make adventure maps and decided i was bored so i help random servers.
  5. Looks nice, I'll try it. However i'm a major builder so if any large projects need help i'll always voulenteer. I make adventure maps but due to a file problem the ones a posted were removed.
  6. Since you don"t have a staff application: IGN: openlattesteve Experience: Admin for two minecraft servers and one tekkit server DESC: I'm annoyed by griefers and I enjoy building. i have built many large creations and I also create Adventure maps. It's been a wile since i have played tekkit though.
  7. oh and not that anyone noticed but i havent been on in a week or so but my computer keeps crashing when i launch tekkit sooooo i have to wait till i update java...till then ill be on vanilla
  8. claw why choose i can build all three...just make rex do the WE i want nothing to do with those evil commands alos i will be home tomorrow
  9. i havent been able to access server for a while...then today i can...annnd... 20/20 RAGE!!
  10. editstartup print("hello") editpassword print ("password") redstone.setoutput("left",true) Sleep (3) redstone.setoutput("false",) os.reboot how to make a door with a computer...kind of random
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