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How To Duplicate Any Items In Tekkit


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Hello Everybody This Is A Video I Made On How To Duplicate Any Item In Tekkit.

Unlimited Pipes, Cables, Armor, Diamonds, Red Matter, Tools, Machines, Anything!

- This Is A Glitch And I am Not Using The Duplicator.

- Works In Multiplayer.

- This Is Also A Good Way To Get Unlimited EMC By Condensing

- An Easy Way To Charge Your Klein Star To Max In A Few Seconds By Giving Your Duplicated Items To An Transmutation Tablet.

-Duplicate Armor And Tools.

-Duplicate Fully Charged Armor And Klein Stars.

Hope The Video Help You Guys If You Got Any Questions Leave A Comment On The Video:)


My Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/BenyHild

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