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Voltz Let's Play


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Hi guys,

This is the Bobitore Bros here, we are constantly uploading videos of our Voltz Lp, we are two funny guys failing at Minecraft as it is and now we have our hands on more explosives smile.png

Will we survive or die trying?

So tune into our show.

Volts LP Playlist: http://www.youtube.c...ImmULtJtekW4Api

Any feedback is Welcome

Don't forgot to Thumbs Up, Favorite and Subscribe!

Bobitore Bros

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I watched some videos, they are pretty good!

However, sometimes the videos seem dull and sometimes you guys sound a bit depressed. This isn't bad but try to perk up once in a while. And finally, if you know someone you really trust, you should invite one or two friends you know (in real life) on your server and they can be one of the antagonists. It would also server a purpose for your serious as well.

Good job you two!

EDIT: Just saw episode 4, that one creeper...you guys should have more views, this is a really good serious!

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