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possible to install forestry to voltz?


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sorry if this is a foolish question, but as of yet i have not been able to figure it out or see anything saying ya or na on this. whenever i attempt to add forestry to voltz and load it up, it gets to the mojang splash, and then simply closes out without saying or doing anything else.

if its possible, how would one go about doing so, and would it be possible to also set it up on a voltz server(and how so)?

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There were tons of conflicting item id's when I tried to install it last time. Which would be the main problem.

If i'm not mistaken forestry will close the game if it detects that it is installed into .techniclauncher (which it is in your case)

The only thing you can really do is decompile forestry and take out the code that does that, or find someone who already has.

Taken from the Foresty wiki:

Mod Packs: You are free to add Forestry to your modpack and redistribute it, as long as the modpack is strictly non-profit and none of the other mods are included against their license. Yes, this even applies to packs made by people I don't like. Don't expect me to play tech support for your modpack though. (Applies to and later.)

There isn't any malicious code related to the technic launcher anymore. (Or at least there shouldn't be).

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