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  1. I used to use fraps (it was fine for me), until someone suggested DXTory. It is superior in several ways and im never going back If it is still choppy using that, you will need to upgrade your computer or you won't really be able to start a LP
  2. I remember the first month I played minecraft way back in beta 1.2_01 I liked the sounds more than I do the new ones (not just mobs/ambience, but all sounds). The new ones sound more realistic, but the old ones were awesome and classic, especially the doors. Back then I was scared by hostile mobs, but now I only jump when im going about my business and someone from an enemy faction in full prot IV ninja attacks me. About the mob noises... the easiest would be getting a mod or editing/replacing the sound files with blank ones (they must be the same exact length), or playing other music in t
  3. Im not stpid!!!!!! My doctor tlls me I m sometmies but im NOT!!!1!! UGH all you guys are y I hat these forms! I HAT THEM!!! my son even got grifed on a tehkit server and u guys do nothg!!!
  4. i want 2 maek server so m freinds can play with me on srver, but wont work they cant connct dey get messg that says cannot connect and just wont work i try everything! plz fix so we cn play w/EE and collectrs!!!11!!!
  5. You can get tekkit lite if you want, but it doesn't have bukkit and pex doesn't work on bukkitforge ;)
  6. If i'm not mistaken forestry will close the game if it detects that it is installed into .techniclauncher (which it is in your case) The only thing you can really do is decompile forestry and take out the code that does that, or find someone who already has.
  7. So. In 3 days. You coded over 100 mobs, blocks, and dimensions, 200 new weapons/armor, 250 new bosses, and 1000 new npcs and new structures? No offense but you are 12 and you couldn't add all that stuff in 10 years, let alone 3 days. I doubt mojang could do that in a year honestly.
  8. My server host tells me the multicraft resource counters are very buggy. I confirmed this by doing /lag ingame which told me I was only using ~30% ram when multicraft said I was using 100% So I just ignore it :P
  9. Are you sure Jake? I know ive had battles between them and skeletons before in creative and both sides had casualties.
  10. Search "T flip flop designs" on youtube There are many very compact designs :)
  11. His wish corrupts itself. If everything becomes cheese, he becomes cheese Sorry, I don't know how to corrupt your wish so I'll let the next person take it xD
  12. ... Everything becomes cheese? I wish there were holograms.
  13. Were are yur permissins? I need a list ov permissins frum each mod autor or I report u like kaker On the non-troll side of things, it looks nice! Some interesting mods there :)
  14. Here come the trolls, i'd start running if I were you Darkistic They are getting closer!
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