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Problem with quarries

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I have been playing Tekkit with a friend on a selfmade server using Hamachi for a while now.

Since the mods can be quite confusing for a beginner I've used a series of tutorial videos on youtube to guide me:

So, according to this video I should be able to run a quarry with two electrical engines.

But when I try this myself, the quarry sets up the "tape" and the engines start... But the quarry does not begin building the frame :(

I've tried a few other engines as well (steam, combustion) but none of it seems to work.

If anyone has any ideas how to solve my problem I would appreciate it very much!

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Quarries build as a different "user" on the server. That "user" will have its own set of permissions that allow it to do things in certain areas, which includes the ability to mine various things.

According to the comments here, that user is [buildCraft] (brackets included). You need have your server admins make sure that the username is allowed to build things.

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