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Help with Enrichment Chamber


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What version are you on?

I've got the same problem.

When I put redstone in the bottom slot it just uses one piece and then it stops working immediatly.

The only fix for this is to destroy the block and replace it, but that will just repeat the same process.

I'm using the 1.0.11 recommended build of Voltz.

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I have the same problem as well. It takes bronze to make a coal generator and bronze requires tin dust, so no that's not a working solution. Heat generators and biofuel generators are the only sources of electricity that don't require some kind of enriched dust; the biofuel also requires a crusher, and especially at the early stage of the game the required platinum is pretty scarce (too scarce IMO, for how much you need). I'll report back if the heat generator is a viable workaround.

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