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Looking for Staff for a new server

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if this is posted in the wrong thread please tell me i wasn't shure

So first before we get into who were looking for stuff like that i will tell a little about me because in my opion the server staff need to know what there getting into before they do so first off i am on about 4 hours a day and can be contacted easily seconded i have hosted over 20 - 30 servers since alpha rangeing from small servers to freinds to big communitys with towny and hardcore pvp servers But every time i made a server i always got one thing wrong being stubbon thinking that i can manage a hole server on my own its easy with the ones with freinds because you dont have to ban and moderate things but with the big ones im not always on agurments break out when im not online My server threads look horible due to me being horible with graphics and sooner or late rthe server breaks down and no one plays any more due to me not being able to manage to kepe the servers away form greif fully so now onto what i am looking for the catorgorys will be below inculding the requierments I do not want any kids wantiong to be admin or modertor so they can have power or spawn items etc

Server Specs

amd x4 4.0 ghz

28 gigs of ram


60 gigs

Format for application Please email these to [email protected]

DO NOT POST BELOW Email me You can post that you emailed me thoughname:




position you want:



pictures links screenshots:

Builders 4-8

Builders they are one of the number one things i need i'm great at redstone doing intercuit builds making factories but that doesn't make a nice spawn or stores or anything like that so i need skilled builders and i mean really good builders now how to apply for this is use the default template above But include some screenshots of your work or a link to a world download you did.

Perms manager / plugins we only need 1 but that per can conscript someone to help if he/she wishes


Whenever i've hosted servers one of the number one things thats bogged me down has been perms its hard to manage server repairs while doing perms and dealing with greifing so i need someone who can do permissions handle plugin configs etc


Now the last time i hosted a server that was public with plugins was about 6 months ago so i need someone who know about plugins and can handle it

Head admin 1

this person must be a leader and keep the admins together informed cooperating with each other and know the rules in which they abide by

admin 3

kinda like moderator but many more commands

Moderators 6

This rank only includes kicking muting and banning if you do anything unreasonable you will get banned permanently

Website coder 1

we need someone to help with the website i will provide hosting atm until we get donations we will be using a no ip domain name i can help doing it i only know basic html at this time


post and advertise our server and recruit new moderators and people when we need them

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This isn't the wrong thread. It's the wrong section. Go make a server post that meets the minimum requirements, and recruit from there. You're asking for too many people to be able to use the Small Scale Recruitment thread.

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