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What mods/plugins to have on server?


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Hi. I'm starting up an Voltz server (have one up and running, but want to fill it more before public release). Have a few questions. What bukkit plugins do you recommend?

I want:

*Some kind of trading (at specific places).

*Some kind of grief protection (personal and just working on designated land areas).

*Have normal PVP in some land areas and greatly reduced damage on some others, and finally some completely peaceful areas.

*More variating land, extra structures and so on, both old and techno.

*Some kind of improved building for ops.

*Easier for ops to keep law and order?

How do you make a custom zip with TechnicLauncher so people can download if I want more content like MoCreatures, BibloCraft, DynamicLightning?

How do you fix id conflicts that for example JammysFurniture mod gives?

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