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How much power do Blulectric Engines give?


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I was thinking about making a power plant of Kinetic Generators and convert it into MJ...

But is that efficient? How much Blutricity is 1 MJ?

I don't really get either how to see how much energy goes through the blue alloy wires... When I check it with the Voltmeter, it says me how much Volts and how much Ampere goes through the wires, but what is the energy that goes into the Battery Boxes?

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Seriously, no one knows something about these engines???

Well, anyways, I've been testing and it seems that the Blulectric engines don't have an output or input limit, so the amount of engines you use doesn't matter. And that it takes about 100 solar panels (= about 8000 W, which is about 3-6 Wind Turbines on a decent day) connected to 1 Blulectric engine to generate around the same amount of MJ as a green Combustion engine does.

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Yes they have, they work fine. Just make the blue alloy wire connect to the engine and get the power out of it with a wooden conductive pipe.

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