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Just one Voltz-world not working, why?


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My kid is playing Voltz every day and for a while ago I created a copy of %appdata%/roaming .techniclauncher just in case something should happen... and yes, it did! The computor crasched but I took the worlds in .techniclauncher/voltz/saves and copied it into another computer (hope you understand what I mean, I´m not so good in writing english). All of the worlds that were copied and saved from the crasched computer did work again, all worlds exept ONE! Of course the most loved world that my kid had created. I do not understand why this only world is not working, I can´t find anyting wrong in that one... Do you know what can save this world, how it ever can work again? What should I be looking for?

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When you are booting up the world, do you get a screen covered in the dirt texture, with one button saying yes and one no? if that is the case, it is because it was created in another version of the pack. In most cases, that should be fixed easily by hitting Yes.

Do you know what version he/she were playing on on the old computer? If you do, booting up that version could be the easiest and safest way out.

By reading your name, I suppose you're either Swedish, Norse or Danish, right? I am Swedish myself, so if you find my explanation hard to understand, or maybe don't really know how to express youreslf in english, just PM me and I'll try help you solve this up in Swedish. Why I'm suggesting PM is because I suppose the moderators/admins and also the other forum users want the forum to be understood by everyone, and therefore would probably lock this thread if we began talking Swedish instead ;)

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