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  1. Yeah, some kind of gun mod would be pretty suiting! One thing I've really missed in voltz is computercraft, imagine all stuff you could do!
  2. Hey! My name is HockeyPowwa97. I am a 16 years old guy from northern Sweden. On my spare time I play games, hang out with my friends and train track and field. The games I play are of course minecraft, but also Civilization V, Heroes and Generals, and every once in a while Team Fortress 2. I have been playing modded minecraft pretty much since the first launch of the technic pack. Throughout the years I've been through various FTB as well as both technic pack and tekkit classic(when it was just tekkit), and voltz/ampz. I've just recently jumped over to the new tekkit, and I'm so far enjoying it. So now it's time to find a server! From experience I know that I have the most fun on smaller servers where you get closer to the other players, and that's why I thought this server would be great when I first saw it in this list! That's pretty much it for me, hope to see you in game soon! ♡
  3. Age: 16 IGN (In Game Name) HockeyPowwa97 Why Do you want to Play on this Server? I want to find a not too big Tekkit 1.1.10 server that I can get to meet new people on! What Do you want to Build? Well I obviously want to build myself a suitable base, and after that we'll see! I do like to build large factories with AE though
  4. Voltz uses calclavia's mffs 3. To create the force energy there, you need a Coersion deriver supplied with power. That doesn't need any forcicium or similar to run, just some power
  5. actually regular Uranium Ore(or Uraninite Ore as it's called now) gives off radiation, so there is a chanse of getting poisoned while mining if there are uranium nearby.
  6. Pretty much sums up the entire point of this thread +1 to you my friend ;)
  7. would be quite cool to have sort of a dedicated block for that. But really, you can just use pistons or camoflague for the same purpose too ;)
  8. Hmm, that was really weird :/ Why I asked that was to solve out if maybe for dome reason you had an outdated version of Modular PowerSuit. Sorry, but I have no idea what to do then :/ Also, I didn't mean to write model, but module ;)
  9. By automatic cow farm, I meant, well let's say an automatic murder machine where you can put cows or pigs or even friends do some fancy redstone contraption and piston and stuff pretty sure there are railcraft detectors that can detect whether its a full grown or baby animal ;)
  10. I agree with malexion. An LHC would be cool I guess you could also try build a sorting system with conveyor belts (about 50 times more complex than redpower sorters ), an automatic cow farm or maybe build some huge factory? Mffs house with different security zones(Direwolf20's server series season 3)? The possibilities are close to endless ;)
  11. Hmm, is that on your own server/singleplayer or on another server? If It's on some random server, those features may be banned. Can you see the colour change model thingy in there too?
  12. Yea, that's though, and it appears as if it isn't working for anybody, or at least there are many who can't use it :/
  13. Edited out. Does this make you happier Cammino? I've recently spoken to Calclavia, Machinemuse and some other Voltz mod authors, and sent them an crash log. The issue will be fixed in the next build. If someone still want to know why it happened, feel free to send me a PM.
  14. What do you mean by weapons panel? The part of the Tinker Table, where you add the Melee Assist and Plasma Cannon? If so, that's in Voltz v1.1.0.
  15. In the thread right beneath this one, someone posted this very link - Enjoy :)