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UU Matter EMC Loop?

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Hello. Recently I have reached what you could call "the end game", in my Tekkit world, and so I decided to do something meaningless and time-consuming. I decided to stockpile lots of UU-Matter. I created a little factory which would condense dirt from materials I decided to put in and through a simple setup, it would go through my recycler, to a chest, to the mass fabricator. While doing this, I noticed something, but before I begin I'll start off with something I found out.

If hooked up to an MFSU and with an unlimited supply of scrap, a mass fabricator would produce 1 UU-Matter after consuming 32-35 scrap. We can estimate that a stack of scrap would equal 2 UU-Matter. Now what I found out is that 6 UU-Matter is enough to create 8 glowstone blocks, or 12, 288 EMC in total. Keep this in mind as I move on.

Since dirt is 1 EMC, if we were to condense these 8 glowstone blocks, we would receive that much dirt. Now the recycler has a 1/8 chance of creating a scrap from an item, so theoretically we can assume that every 8th recycled item or block would create scrap, so let's do the math. 12 288 / 8 = 1536. So from that dirt, we have acquired 1536 pieces of scrap. Now taking the knowledge we have from before, knowing that 32 scrap is equal to 1 UU-Matter, we can divide 1536 by 32 so 1536 / 32 = 48. So we have now gone from 6 UU-Matter which we used to create the glowstone blocks to 48 UU-Matter. I have tried this out myself and have actually acquired 47 UU-Matter, but that is very close to 48, and the amount of scrap created is all about luck.

This is by far not the best EMC farm there is, but I can only assume that not many people know about this, and I just wanted to point this out. A step you could do after acquiring the 48 UU-Matter is condense it all into glowstone again and maybe divert 16 glowstone blocks back to the dirt and the rest can be condensed into diamonds and such. Thank you for your time.

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