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BC/Forestry Chunk Load problem, some things work, others don't.


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I have some problems with my forestry automatisation.

While I am online everything works fine and the excess sapplings/cacti get transported to my fermenters to be turned into Biomass.

When I log out, my fermenters continue working. I know this, because I have a lot more Biomass when logging back in.

My problem is that my trees and cacti seem to stop growing when I exit the server and only start up again after I log back in.

As a result all my fermenters are empty and just sitting there instead of getting a constant supply, which they do when I'm online.

All the chunks have a chunkloading block with in them.

Does anyone have any information that might help?

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I did some more research while waiting for a response.

I read that this might be caused by chunkloaders not working on certain things.

My guess trees, cacti and water don't get loaded.

Is this assumption correct and is there a solution?

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