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  1. I admit I have trouble with capitalizing "I" in the sentence at times, I also have trouble with where, were, etc. Same with there and those kind of things. Stuff that sounds the same with a different meaning and spelling. I also dont mind people saying "LOL" out loud, its like a sarcastic laugh. Things that DO bother me is crap like "I have 2 go get something" Are you really saving time by holding shift and pressing 2? Isnt it easier to right to? I say IMO (In my opinion), BRB, lol, lmao, etc. Not stupid crap like "LUL DO U WNT 2 COME DWN 2 TOWN 2DAY?" Wtf is another one, it just seems far more cleaner and better then saying what the fuck. Oh my god, "PLZ/ples" is one I CAN NOT FUCKIN STAND. Same with thx. If you dont take the effort to ask like a proper human being by saying "please" then you dont deserve it, if you say "thx" then your CLEARLY not appreciative Its weird that, ones that save 1 or 2, maybe 3 letters I can not stand. If its in a very busy situation like PVP in MC, then sure use u or ur. But not normally.. Love of god Weird isn't it? I also don't get pissy over ' in things like dont.
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    1. For rubber, "shave" the tree. Leave the top leaves, and cut the rest. Also leave all the logs, and tap it once. You'll get saplings and get a good farm going. 2. Other benefits are GREAT, solar power is a quick and rather simple way, you pay the cost for convinence. Geothermal, reactors, redpower watermills, etc are well worth it later on. Reactors can produce 2000 EU, PER TICK. This would require 2000 solar panels, and it'll work only in the night. Or, the less high ones can do 100 EU/T,100 solar panels and only really require uranium to continue running. Solar panels are basic, and shouldnt be used as your main power source. Switch to soemthing else ASAP. 3. The IC2 autominer isnt worth it, buildcraft quarries are also pretty fast, but you need a lot of power for them to go. For above, dont use water buckets for internal cooling, either use cooling cells or intergated heat dispersers, or if you can, ice.
  3. Nice design - Although it can be improved. For example, using a rotary macerator from advanced machines.
  4. Theres dumbass's in any generation, yet there will be the bright ones. My life has been too short to comment on past, current and future.
  5. Operating system: 32 gigs of ram. Java version: Latest *facedesk* Prime example on HOW NOT to post a bug report.
  6. For a starter, do 2 uranium cells and 8 coolant cells. Its the best way for a starter.
  7. Just because minecraft not be a top of the range triple A blockbuster HD shooter, doesnt mean it isnt graphics intensive. Mooooor graphics card=Mooor FPS. In some cases, LESS ram can be better. Try half a gig.
  8. Does it make a sound? Pictures? How long is the 4x insulated? Is it saying its outputting on the first bit of the HV cable with a EU reader?
  9. I run the server, I can get on fine but another person trying to get on it cant get in. We've tried: Reinstalling tekkit (clearing cache) Deleting the tekkit folder Reinstalling many times. Yes, its on the correct version (recomended) and it still wont work. Also tried the usual fix, any idea? Also, the mods folder actually has all the required mods.
  10. The nano saber isnt hard to make, 2 diamonds, 20 odd redstone, a circuit or 2.
  11. Hm. Alright I guess, your audio quality needs to be better as at points I cant understand you as well. As Merchant said, your accent is unique and is not a boring drone. The actual design could be improved, eg, you have a long stream of copper wire. It can be refined and made my efficient. But it does look cool.
  12. I wouldnt know a fix, but its probably something to do with the mod/nether corruption. As jay said, redownload the server or start a new world and see if thats fixes it.
  13. Jay, is it necessary for you put the reason? Its blatantly obvious if they red the rules xd.
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