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Power generation within Voltz

Matthew Gould

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Heya guys. So I've been playing Voltz for a little while now, slowly expanding my workshop with interesting machines and upgrades with some friends. I just wanted to ask, is there a general consensus on which form of power generation is the most reliable / fastest source of power? I know the point of the mod is to kind of find out for yourself, but playing on creative mode there is only so much gathering materials for failed experiments i can take! My hydrogen generators for instance are essentially really expensive paperweights. Any help on the matter, or even just a discussion about power in general would be awesome. Thanks in advance guys!


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Infinte hydrogen generator setup(Only default texture pack!):

1. Place a pump over an infinite water source(note: the pump places with the power inlet facing you, and the water outlet on the right!)

2. connect pump to the rear of an electrolyctic separator using generic pipes(note that generic pipes drop as useless oil pipes when destroyed)

3,5. enter the menu of the electrolyctic separator, in the bottom left corner there is an button, click that until it says "O".

3. place a hydrogen generator directry infront of the electrolyctic separator with the rear of the generator facing the electrolyctic separator

4. place down 1 insulated wire infront of the hydrogen generator and feed that back to the electrolyctic separator and the pump

5. place a 120 volt transformer on the cable somewhere(red should be facing the cable)

6. place a cable on the other side of the transformer

7. connect that to a standard battery box and that is the power you can use.

8. (IMPORTANT!) to turn it on you need to apply power to the pump and the electrolyctic separator until the hydrogen generator turns on. then you can remove that source of power.


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Well, after much poking and tweaking trying to get this hydrogen generator to create more power than it was using, i found out what the problem was. Apparently the server we have is only updated to the current recommended build instead of the current dev build. After i updated my own client to the dev build, everything started working. Unfortunately it means the stuff wont work on the server until it gets updated XD. Oh well, cheers for the help chaps!

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