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Tell Staffs Of Recommended Server To Stop Spam


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It isn't the server fault because they are running Version 11 while Version 13 is bugged as a "no way to return if you leave" or the "buggiest version".

But, Cammy warned servers on recommended server list NOT to advertise on other server or he would remove the representating spammer's server from the recommended list.

While I was playing on one server, have a staff that I know from recommended server spamming "Download this version.... " over 3 times. It was nothing but an attempt to bring people into their server because Version 12 works.

The staffs should worry more about fixing and improving their server, such as banning Xrayer instead of giving amnesty for xraying, rather than spamming like a spammer. If I donated lot of money to the server, I expect that the staffs should respect the server that I donated. They probably have a problem if I go spam on their server. Just saying...


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