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Looking for Someone to Host a Server(Will Get Rewarded)

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Hey Guys! Im look for someone to host a server for me and my friends and eventually grow! We are looking for a good computer with minimum 2 GB of Ram and a fairly decent internet connection.


-Head-Admin on the Server

-Co-Owner Rank

-Special thanks from everyone

-The Ban-Hammer

I really appreciate anyone who would like to do this for us. We have been looking for a good host and thought we might come here! May the best computer win! (Please Don't Spam) If you guys have any questions. Email me at [email protected]

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Hey, I already run a pretty local server (just me and my friends). It has pretty much no ranks though because we dont need them. if your just looking for a place to play with other people you can join mine (Also, I can give you resources)

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