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  1. Thank you so much! This patch is a life saver to my server, every player had a blazerod farm.
  2. Hey, I already run a pretty local server (just me and my friends). It has pretty much no ranks though because we dont need them. if your just looking for a place to play with other people you can join mine (Also, I can give you resources)
  3. Did you change how much ram is allocated to it in the options menu of tekkit? Also, tekkit takes alot of ram, and changes really fast.
  4. wow, its more expensive to run that server than what you are paying, you are lucky if you get this...
  5. yes, try installing modifyworld (an essentials plugin) then use the permission node - 'modifyworld.*' also, is this in the plugins\PermissionsEx\permissions.yml?
  6. is your pex permissions file set up correctly?
  7. If you are running it on the computer your playing it on connect with "localhost" If you are running the server on another computer connected to your internet connect with its ip (Use ipconfig for windows in cmd). If you are running the server on another internet connect to it with the internets external ip Hope this helps, this might not work. But its worth a try
  8. Wow, you dont know basic info about computers do you? You cant tell it to allocate more ram than you have. Check how much you have, and allocate from 1g to 4g. And RAM isnt everything, and try not to run other programs while running your server. Your cpu may not be good enough to process the server.
  9. Try opping redpower buildcraft and industrial craft /op [buildcraft] /op [industrialcraft] /op [redpower] /op [id2] /op [industrialcraft2]
  10. Heres a pretty good one. It has Essentials, LWC, ModifyWorld, PermissionsEx, PluginMetrics LWC is set up to lock tekkit items too. and permissionsEx just gives people basic commands. heres a link: Have any problems with it? Just tell me. It doesnt have any ranks other than the basic one, if you want me to add one with most permissions (Except harmful ones) for mods and stuff i can do that for you. Also, I dont need the twitter spotlight, but ill take the donation credit ]D
  11. Yeah, I don't think that you have enough RAM in your computer to handle the amount your putting in. Try lowering it.
  12. First, That made no sense, but I think i can help you. 1: Did you make it so that the launch.bat opens Tekkit.jar? 2: And does you computer have enough ram to support it? 3: Try removing the plugins and see if it works then And getting pre-built servers usually doesnt work. If this doesnt work, try making a server from scratch
  13. Ok, tekkit used to work fine. I wanted to reset it so I cleared the cache, but when it started downloading it downloads minecraft.jar 3 times (Or so it says). Heres a video of exactly whats happening. And yes, I have an understanding of computers (Very well), So don't give me stuff like "Did you reboot your computer?", Because yes. I have. Tekkit Version: 1.3.2 (Minecraft 1.2.5) Things I have tried: Deleting .technic launcher Deleting tekkit folder deleting .minecraft clearing cache I have no anti-virus No firewall Rebooting Using both technic launcher.jar, and technic launcher.exe Using a different minecraft account And even trying to find a pre-downloaded folder of tekkit Ok, it stopped working after a crash. Here is the log of the last crash: And the last thing i was doing on tekkit when it crashed was transfering 2 Full Klein Star Omegas to a Diamond Chest, on my tekkit server. If someone could hurry fast and fix this that would be great, because I run a server and have to overwatch it. System: Windows 7 32 bit Home Basic Java runtime Environment 7 RAM: 3 gb, (1 gb used by graphics card) Cpu: Amd Anthalon II 64x 4800+ Thank you.