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  1. Update to 3.1.2 of Tekkit done, see first post for d/l ;)
  2. hmm... is it really possible to just replace the tekkit.jar with the cb++ build ? i was under the impression that the server contains some other fixes not contained in cb++ ? (tekkit release notes for 3.1.2: Tekkit now has support for the Transporter Bukkit plugin patched directly in)
  3. See my guide on updating CC to 1.41 yourself here !
  4. Any op: care to move this thread to the Server Op Swap Shop too ? Thanks a bunch !
  5. got the thread moved here so i guess it's now in the correct place. thanks Mod !
  6. Lately i wonder if this is the right sub-forum ;/
  7. thanks for all the comments. one thing that still kinda bugs me tho: to pull something out of a chest in BC i need a wooden pipe, a redstone engine and a redstone signal --- in RP2 i need a transposer or filter, a timer (clock) and a redstone signal. i cant make out any space saving there, do i have a thinking error ?
  8. It's me again with another guide. This time i did a quick and dirty tutorial on how to update the ComputerCraft mod that came with Tekkit to the new version v1.4.1 that got all kinds of turtle love. Have a look and do tell !
  9. Well i just thought i give all the people a heads up seeing that the same questions get asked nearly every day. Looks like i just finished another guide ;)
  10. Maybe an addon to BC2 might be able to do wooden pipe without redstone engine trick ? I think i read something about an addon somewhere but cant wrap my head around were that might have been. @Torezu: understood and will try to be more productive next time now on to some more creative tekkit-wrangling.
  11. So for all the people coming here to ask how the excellent Forestry mod can be reintegrated into Tekkit after being removed in version 3.0.3 i wrote up a HowTo guide on my site. Most of the information is gathered from an earlier thread in this forum. Feel free to post ideas, comments and what not if there's anything more to add to the guide !
  12. i wrote up a little guide on how to add forestry to tekkit 3.1.2 here ! Have fun !
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