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[1.4.7]Mayhem[PVE][25][Big Dig]

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IP: usios.com (

uptime: 24/7

Installation :

Technic Platform
(download the new one)

  1. Open your technic platform
  2. Click add new pack
  3. Click add new pack again (if it doesn't pop up a window)
  4. In the dialogue window, c&p http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/big-dig-pack
  5. Click 'Add Modpack'
  6. START or Login or what ever you do

details of modpack :

{backup url}

CAQ (Commonly Asked Questions)

Naming just a few ideas, how can I get ...

  1. muted
    - Spam, Harass, start agruments
  2. banned
    - Impersonate
  3. Account reset
    - Spawn Killing

Now these ethical rules:

  1. Landscape Massacre - Nope (Overworld)
    - this means replant the trees, and don't level to stone 100x100 area before you start building your stuff...
    - You can ask a staff member to Wedit down to sealevel (or fill below sealevel will be replace air with dirt.
    - (else the chunck will be regenerated, and maybe your base too!)
    - NO 1x1 or 2x2 towers! this includes holes (with no latters)
  2. Griefing
    - Use protection & don't grief the spawn.
  3. Exploits
    - Designed that way, allowed.


I want to have a community that can build with no limits, survival only.

Only banned item: Anchor or Anchor-type items.

If someone wants to test out a plugin/mod, Let's do it!

Griefing is hard when you have personal pocket dungeons.

Anyone that is caught griefing pocket dungeon or overworld will be banned.

You can generate a mystcraft world, instability is disabled! unlimited resources there!

I always get frustrated that I join a TKlite server and can't use MFR deployer

Now some things like world anchors, What if that player stops playing?

I don't care if there are a bunch of afk'ers.

I don't care if you multi login either.

Plugins(Forge/ForgeBukkit) enabled, makes a difference.

Added to client: (Not on server yet, will soon though)



Forge 1.4.7


Dynmap-Head-Forge-6.5.0 (map leaking problem, spams console)

ForgeEssentials [1.1.1-b251]


plans: (might have to convert/make them)

/tpa /tpahere /tpaccept /tpdecline /spawn /back /sethome /home

--Note that forge's dimension API is different than bukkit, that's why FE's current /tp command does internal dimensions only, you can't cross. also note of making a command to generate link books for dimensions too...

Towny like (doors and signs and 2x2 colums to personal dungeons.)

LWC -- door access

--permissions and sign setups, settings on sign or register signs through command?

iEconomy --FE, don't need.

chest shop --good idea

WE / WG -- has some bugs right now, installed through FE

hawk eye --good idea

donations - Donate to the modders, I personally would donate first to the authors of Mystcraft, Dimensional Doors, and ForgeEssentials. These are my favorite mods. [FE will replace bukkit one day =D]


I want to setup a way to give people access to /spawn.

I thought about setting up /kit to give a spawn book.

You keep items on death.

Rei's Minimap enabled: Cave/entity radar(player, animal, mob, slime, squid, living)

I'm attempting to make plugins for FE. This which is tied directly to Forge, will make more sense than FB, and FE has an API that just makes sense to do it like this.

take a look at dynmap api and look to make integration, dimension doors' name on sign above them...

Only thing about big packs -- you can't just update from 1.4.7 to 1.5


2013Mar14 - I'm going to be away unmanaging the server until March 18th, work related starting today.

2013Mar11 - When the filesystem hits 10GB, dynamap usually crashes the server Need to watch the size of my backup system.

2013Mar10 - Bug with a command, it'll crash server by doing an endless loop...

2013Mar10 - Dynamap, forgeBukkit, mod for personal client, and essentials

2013Mar09 - After a recommendation, I switched to the Big Dig mod pack. Personally I missed the IC2 mods =D, even with the problems with converting problems between machines...

2013Mar09 - Updated 3.3.4 (config errors fixed, NetherOres, Mystcraft, mmmPower, MFRel, mekanism, forgechunck, xy, AppliedEner, dungeon, UniversalEn, ICBM, buildcraft, thermalexp), reset world data trying to troubleshoot, good thing there was only 1 person who had data, found out I needed to update forge itself (minecraft_server.jar)... lame...

2013Mar07 - Started PlusMulti 3.3.2 server

{PICTURES when I get them}

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the bukkitForge(BF)'s plugin had a endless loop of call{call}, and my vps host freezes when this happens, I can't restart the vps until the server naturally get's a java heap.... took 3 hours...

The current BF I have is stable [2 months old] the current git source is unusable. I'll compile BF on my pc and test before I upload the next one.

Need to remake essentials, looking for some source to refactor from normal bukkit.

current plugins that work:

LetItRain, WorldEdit

Not sure:

vault (green), modifyworld (green), multiverse-core (green), multiverse-portals (green)


essentials (doesn't list on plugins)-- deleted plugin, doesn't get along with forgeEssentials-- everything works on FE so far.

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