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[Tekkit] Bukkit Tornado Plugin

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Plugin category: Fun

Suggested name: Tornado Creator

What I want:

When you type /tornado 1, you spawn a tornado at scale of 1.

The time is for how long the tornado will last.

Tornado should move 1 block per second (configurable)


Tornado size 1-5

Blocks which tornado can destroy (stone,dirt,grass,log,leaves,water..)


It should do 1 heart per 2 seconds for every scale.


The tornado should be atleast 20 blocks in length.


It's tnt explosions in shape of a vortex and it will move in the direction that the player is looking at.

Width - 2 blocks minimum. It will increase by 2 for every scale.

Height - 20 minimum. It will increase by 10 for every scale.

The players that are caught in a tornado are pushed back by knockback effect,blinded and slowed.

Ideas for commands: /tornado "1-5" "time"

Ideas for permissions: player.tornado

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