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[Tekkit] Earthquake Plugin

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lugin category: Fun

Suggested name: Earthquake Creator

What I want:

The earthquake plugin should create a ravine.

The size of ravine is configured by the magnitude, but the rate of blocks being destroyed is configured by the time (minutes)

The earthquake should happen beneath the player or could be configured to set off at specific coordinates.

The damage should correspond to the magnitude (see below) and will damage anyone within 30 block radius of the ravine.

Ravine is not allowed to break bedrock but it will breaks any other blocks.

The damage corresponds to if they are near it and it could also print

a message in chat saying "[Warning] Earthquake has started at x,y,z"


Magnitude scale from 1-10 (richter scale)

The rate should be minimum 0.10(configurable)


Magnitude 1 will do 0.5 of a heart worth of damage per 4 seconds.

The damage increases by 0.5 per magnitude.


The starting length of ravine at magnitude of 1 is 40 blocks in length.

The length increases by 40 per magnitude of 1.


The ravine should be created from inside out, so the middle blocks first get's destroyed and it continues to open at the rate.

The creation of ravine should go in layers, first the top layer and it should finish

The rate (mins) should configure how fast the ravine is created.

Suggested effect of it could be that players get slowness and nausia

Ideas for commands: /earthquake "magnitude" "time" "x" "y"

Ideas for permissions: player.earthquake

Version of the plugin: 1.2.5

(Bukkit devs refused)

Tekkit compatible? Yes

Thanks for reading, hope you like it. :)

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