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Fissile Fuel Rod


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Feels like I've been looking for an answer for this everywhere. Cannot find one, how do I create Fissile Fuel Rods? I got my Chemical Extractor, Nuclear Boiler (which got no recipe) and Centrifuge and I'm getting lots of Uranium 238, Breeding Uranium. But I need Uranium 235, Enriched. My question is how do I obtain Uranium 235?

EDIT: I'm on 1.1.3

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Step 1 : Craft Nuclear Boiler, place & wire to power. Bucket water in or perform the optional step below. Insert Uranium ore (Uranite, w/e)

(Optional) : Set up a 3x3 infinite water supply & connect water pipes & pump to Nuclear Boiler. Dont forget to power the pump

Step 2 : Craft Centrifuge (or 2) and place immediately adjacent to the Nuclear Boiler. The Centrifuge will automatically pull the Hexafluoride into its own reserves. Apply power and it will create Breeding Uranium at a relatively slow rate.

Step 3 : Take the Breeding Uranium and place it back into the Centrifuge in the slot next to the Hexafluoride reserve. With Breeder Uranium in this slot, the Centrifuge will sometimes refine a wafer into Enriched Uranium. If it does not, the Breeder Uranium will not be consumed, and the Centrifuge will instead produce a Breeder Uranium. You can run 2 Centrifuges off of one Nuclear Boiler or 3 if you decide to manually bucket water in.

EDIT: A noteworthy addition. The centrifuge only currently accepts power from the face shown. If you accidentally place that face towards the boiler or any other object you cannot afford to move I would advise using a wrench. The centrifuge almost instantaneously steals hexafluoride from the boiler when placed and if you are bucketing water, breaking the centrifuge to reposition it will be highly inconvenient as it does -not- store the hexafluoride.

Sorry if this is too dark to see :


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