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Suggestion for Modular Powersuits: New mods


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While playing around with the power armor in Voltz, some ideas occurred to me for several new powersuit mods that could be added.

The first two of these mods would be for the head section, and would provide the player with the ability to get readouts on various things depending on which of the mods they have installed.

  • The first is a Special category mod, the Analyzer. This would allow players to get statistical readouts of mobs and even other players. Things like health, armor and attack power of targets in front of the player would be displayed in a HUD-like overlay while this mod is active.
  • The second mod is the Terrain Scanner, an Environment mod. It would provide the player with a peripheral, HUD-like overlay similar to the one provided by the Analyzer, but would not clash with it. This overlay displays indicators pointing out the general directions and distances of resources within its sensor range.

Both of these head mods would come at the cost of a minute power drain, however, similar to the Night Vision mod. Additionally, each of these mods could be tweaked in the Tinker Table to custom tailor which things they would give readouts on, via a checkbox list.

The next mod is for the Power Tool; the Barrier Projector (or Shield Module).

This Special type mod would add an energy shield power to the tool, which would allow players to completely shield themselves from frontal sources of damage, at a cost to their power suit's energy while they maintain it. It would be selected from the same wheel as the other mods that add a right-click ability, when multiple different ability mods are installed. It could be tweaked to provide a larger field, allowing players to shield others at a cost of higher power drain.

Using it with the Damage Capacitor mod (see below) may cause any attacks to hit the projected barrier to not be converted into power.

Another mod for the Power Tool is an Energy type mod; the Charger Circuit.

This mod would allow the player to shunt their powersuit's energy into a battery or other power-storing object, or even shock mobs or other players that come into contact with the arc it produces while not charging anything. Like with the Barrier Projector, it would also be selected via the same secondary wheel when multiple such ability-granting mods are installed.

Last but not least, there is the Damage Capacitor.

This is an Energy mod for the chest section of the power armor, which would convert certain types of damage into power that could then be used by the powersuit. The power types that this mod can convert are generally energy based; such as fire, explosions, lightning, and plasma from other power tools. While the mod would convert the energy into usable power, the player would still take damage on hit.

If the Damage Capacitor needs balancing, then it could be made so that Energy Shields completely negate the energy-to-power conversion ability. It could also be balanced by making it so that adding additional solid armor to the player's powersuit reduces not only the damage they take, but the power that this mod can generate when hit by an energy-based attack. However, I would prefer to have the energy shields negate the conversion ability and not solid armor. In the case of the latter, the Barrier Projector mod could be used to absorb energy to convert into power using this mod.

Perhaps this could be something that players could tweak via a toggle at the tinker table; energy or solid armor based energy absorption. Solid armor may provide a more efficient power conversion from damage due to the additional weight.

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