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(1.1.3) Fusion Reactor - 8.1 Megawatt Output


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4 core 8.1 Megawatt fusion reactor get the world file here.



Credit to upping the output to 6.5 MW over 6.08 MW goes to dozbot! The world file now reflects this change.


Here is a updated 4 core reactor I have been working on. Its output is 6.5 Megawatts in Voltz version 1.1.3. You can get the world file here.

First, lay outline of foundation for reactor.


Second, create the hollow tubes for the plasma with all electromagnetic blocks they transfer more heat to the water than the electromagnetic glass blocks


Third, surround the fusion reactor with a block of your choice and fill with water.


Fourth, cover the water completely with turbines and combine them as so. I have found this to be the most efficient, but feel free to improve where you see fit.


I tried a second level but it seems to only give about 20 Kilowatts more power for some reason, but none of the turbines move at all. *Head Scratcher


Feel free to improve or change anything you wish, but if you find improvements please re-post your findings back to this thread or create a new thread. Thanks and any feedback is welcome.


4 core 5.45 Megawatt Fusion Reactor for those interested in high outputs. This could easily power several particle accelerators.




Let me know what you guys think.

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Hi, pretty cool, which build of voltz are you using and could you show the layout below the turbines? :)

I've build several in this style, but I'm noticing that the upper layer above the steam funnels don't appear to work correctly for me at the moment..? :\

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Thanks for the update - I made one using 4 reactors, but surrounded each reactor by a channel. The upper turbine layers *used* to work with the steam funnels, but now they do nothing it seems. I guess something broke!

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Cool stuff :)

Added a few more things tonight as I had the chance..

Steam funnels don't appear to work with at all so I added single turbines to points where I could find them to rotate above the large turbines. It's settling at approx 8 Megawatt currently... lol

A tip for guys making these (learnt from experience) make sure to add water and ensure that the surface shows no signs of "flow" prior to turning it on... the result if you don't do that is that the electromagnets can run dry due to the physics of MC water and you won't generate steam from that point.

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