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Enrichment Chamber bug

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Hi guys, I'm new to Voltz so please bear with me, but the enrichment chamber won't accept fuel. I put some redstone in the bottom slot and some tin ore in the top and it started doing it's thing, but it won't top up it's fuel supply. It only uses one redstone and then refuses to use anymore. Replacing the redstone doesn't work either; after that first piece, it just won't accept more. I tried using a different enrichment chamber to no avail. The only way to fix it is to pick it up and put it back down, but even then it will only accept one piece of redstone. Please help. ;_;

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Well, I don't know how to solve your redstone problem, but I do know how to replace it, so you don't have to use an item, such as redstone, as a fuel.

Just hook up (for example) a coal generator at the back, where there is a dark square, to the back of the enrichment chamber, with wire (tin-, copper- or silver wire will do), place some coal in the generator and wait for it to heat up, and there you go. The tin ore should be turning into tin dust.

Another thing you can do is that you place a charged battery, which you charge in an energy cube, into the enrichment chamber, and the same thing should happen.

OR, you could do both of these things with your enrichment chamber, and the process should happen a lot faster.

Hope this helped.

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