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  1. Modern gaming consoles and games don't belong in my house. I'm a proud retro gamer.

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      Yes. And (most) everything they have released is free.

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      Oh, wow. I've got to check 8bitpeoples' website out.

    4. TheBytemaster
  2. Can you please explain it a bit better? I'm sure we can help you, but I'm also sure we need some more details.
  3. Try the Galacticraft wiki. It's rather small, but it probably contains the information you need
  4. The render distance Far can take up a lot of memory, and causing your client to crash, if you have 32 bit Java. But I'll assume that you have 64 bit system, since you have windows 7. You can download 64 bit Java for 64 bit systems in order to increase your memory.
  5. Speaking of games, and thread is about time machines, there's something I would do that would beat every birthday- and christmas present I've gotten during all my lifetime. But I'm going to summarize it. Year: Somewhere between 1970 and 1995 Location: New York City Mission: Terminate the video game company LJN I would have put a needy end to the reverse rainbow of terror. If you haven't experienced LJN's games, please consider yourself amazingly lucky.
  6. Well, to be honest, it changes from time to time. And right now, it's about creepy games.
  7. I just played Ascention for about 15 minutes. Yay! So far, it's great, it has a creepy atmosphere, scary enemies, and it always makes you feel like you're put on edge. The controls, though, aren't responding very well, but it might just be my laptop. I must say that it is basically like Lone Survivor, but this one is scarier. What kind of annoys me, though, is that you enter doors so slowly, and that becomes a problem because an enemy can attack you even if you're entering the doors. TheBytemaster, can you please tell me how to use a health pack, if you know it? I can't really figure out how to use them. But despite that, so far, I give this game ten outta ten! You gotta go ten outta ten! Mooseman9, if you get this reference, you're awesome. :D
  8. All hail that puny dot representing the Technic Forums! No other dot is worthy the title! I need something strong to drink...
  9. ... Has my computer just gotten a serious error, or is it just a dot as a title and a dot for a message for everyone else? ... What is this?! What's the meaning of this?!
  10. Agreed. Dubstep is awesome as well, it might even be better than electronic music. I'm not completely sure, though.
  11. To me, it sounds like a bit like FTB Ultimate and Magic World on the FTB Launcher. FTB Ultimate is sort of a mix between Tekkit and lots of magical mods. Now, I'm gonna be honest, I'm not good with servers and that sort of stuff, but what I do know very well, are mods and modpacks. I'm gonna be honest again, I don't know what you mean with "duplicates". I can translate it to my mother language, but I don't really know what you mean with it. Can you please explain? English isn't my first language either. If you want to know the mods the FTB Ultimate and Magic World contains, you can tell me. My internet connection is in bad shape right now, so I can't really type them in at the moment. And if you already know them, maybe you'll see that they match a bit with your list.
  12. Well, I love to listen to some electronic music and remixes done by TastyNetwork and MonstercatMedia on Youtube. I can't really specify a playlist, though, but their electronic music is great. I also listen to some music and themes from old video games, like Megaman, Castlevania and Golden Sun, I don't know why. I guess that I think the old "bit-music" fits pretty good with Minecraft's pixelated style (and also, I'm a gamer girl, I love old video games and have got tons of them).
  13. I love it. You impress me when it comes to drawing creepers. When I draw a creeper on whatever program or just a paper, it almost always ends up looking like a box on a square pole, or either it looks like a green squid. I don't know why, but when I see your creepers I giggle really stupidly :3 Keep making these, you're amazing :D
  14. "87% of young people have back pain." ... Guess the other 13% don't have a computer

  15. Great, I might as well test it out. About the art, I like it a lot. The art I drew on MS Paint, which is posted on this section as well, wasn't half as smooth as this one. Mine was more detailed, but I shouldn't compare my art to yours, mostly because I didn't even draw a creeper. I can't help but to smile when I see this art, the creeper just looks so cute :3
  16. I like it, very smoothly done. What program did you use?
  17. phantomsight should be banned for having chickens as an avatar. Who knows that it might not be bloody Dire Chickens that want to kill anyone in sight!? You are never safe from the Dire Chickens!
  18. I think about a game I've got for the PS2 that's called Vexx. It has some amazing environments and worlds you can travel to. But it get really annoying sometimes with too many and confusing ways to control, the bad brightness (which only get's worse when night comes), and all the infinite times you get stuck because you can't figure out what to do. I've never heard of anyone owning it before or now, so I thought I should mention it.
  19. Hmm... It sounds interesting. The art style reminds me of a 2D horror game named Lone Survivor, and "use the down key to hold your breath" reminds me of Blackwell. I think I'm gonna get that game Ascention, it sure looks promising.
  20. Yeah, don't go on that server... as if it only existed a single one
  21. Well, if you use camoflauge blocks, players won't fall through. They will act and look like blocks, which is preventing you from falling through them. Also, if you use glass on the side facing underground, and dirt (if your biome's main surface block is that) you can see through the block from the underground, while the players above will only see dirt. That feature is quite handy if you're playing on a server with many players. And as Jay? said, the best and most functional thing to do, is to move it a bit below the surface and use sticky pistons. Or do as I did, move the base high up. I build my base and launcher platform almost at cloud height with camoflauge blocks, so nobody could see me way up there. Also, it makes it easier to set a destination for the missles with the radar gun. But I guess, since you probably already have dug out your underground base, you should follow Jay?'s suggestion.
  22. planetguy is banned for, according to his avatar, obeying the laws of physics even in Minecraft. I bet sand and gravel are working with him.
  23. Well, according to another user on the forums, I've restored his faith in random people on the internet. Close enough, I guess. Also, I'm way too "busy" to even try to restore faith in humanity. Like Luke said: "We are fucked, like it or not." Now, that's some insight. Now, before I do something I'll regret (which I probably already have done), I'm going to wait for a mod to either lock or delete this thread, so... that's all, folks. Have a good time.
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