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  1. OK Hexxit is flippin amazing, me and my brother just blew up a pirate boat! I think we may have blown up the treasure too though :/.
  2. The sad part is that I can actually believe this.
  3. Or maybe it's a combination of Hexxen and Tekkit. The information hasn't been revealed, so it could actually mean a lot of things. Also what the heck is the Thief doing in Journey?
  4. I think Hexxit is a spin off the name Hexxen, and old DOS game.
  5. I just can't get enough of the music in http://www.technicpack.net/hexxit ! I wish it was longer! Why not try Terraria? (I am not advertising, just suggesting)
  6. Neato. I'm really looking forward to this pack!
  7. I... I don't know how to explain it. Pictures would help though, a lot.
  8. No, I just thought it was some sort of architecture around the battlefield.
  9. The purpose of Big Dig is to have a huge modlist, and make mining super easy by having the world generate huge streaks of ore and whatnot, so you can have more time playing with mods and less time mining. Tekkit, I guess is about Space and stuff, and have normal mining.
  10. I couldn't comprehend this part. Nice guide though otherwise.
  11. Dang I didn't see that stone monster in Conquer, I thought the Warrior and the Ranger were dueling.
  12. So far Hexxit looks really cool. Me and my brothers are soooo going to play this!
  13. My bet is a huuuuge galacticraft overhaul or some new modpack with some kind of space/night thingy. Who knows?
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