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  1. Jag studerade i Amsterdam vid "Universiteit van Amsterdam" (Jag tror det stavas så). Amsterdam är en härlig stad. I studied in Amsterdam at the "Universiteit van Amsterdam" (I think it's spelled that way). Amsterdam is a lovely city. A Norwegian? Wow, another Scandinavian. I just love Norwegians.
  2. Oh... Is that even possible? What about you, Luke?
  3. Nope, I don't live in Denmark. The Danish has got Å Ä Ö as well, but they're written Æ Ø Å. I actually live in Sweden. Good old Sweden. I love The Netherlands as well, because I've studied there for a year. You are from The Netherlands, right?
  4. If my mother language had letters that looks like ç, I would post it. But the only special letters my mother language has got is Å Ä Ö. So... here you go sir, Å Ä Ö
  5. So... you want to play on a server at the same time with a friend who hasn't got a premium Minecraft account? I'm sorry, but can you explain what you mean a bit more specifically?
  6. As I wrote earlier, The games I would recommend that are like The Witch's House are "Ib", "Mad Father" and "The Crooked Man" As for the Slender mods, I would recommend "Sanatorium". It's a simple mod that puts you into a sanatorium, with Slendy. But there is one horrifying change: Slenderman can now teleport everywhere, and it isn't like in the regular Slender, he can teleport right in front of your face. If you look at him, turn away, and back again, he's sometimes gone and has teleported at some random place on the map. Sanatorium is great, and you're not safe anywhere, as he can teleport right by your face. EDIT: There are also some mods that makes the game much more realistic. "Slender: The Arrival" is developed and published as a sequel to the first Slender game. The graphics has improved enormously, the environment and Slendy himself. It's an amazing sequel which contains different chapters and a real story. The majority of the game takes place in abandoned area (house, defunct mine etc.), each with different objectives, so if you haven't played "Slender: The Arrival" yet, you should.
  7. The Witch's House is awesome. If you like those 2D RPG-like horror games, I would recommend "Ib", "Mad Father" and "The Crooked Man". Oh dear... If you're going to play Ghoul's Forest 3, you'll need Doom 2 and someone/something to hug. In this mod, you don't have to worry about just one monster and horrifying stuff which wants to kill you, you have to worry about several. You'll die quickly if you're not fast in this game. I'll just warn you, I'm well-experienced with horror games, and even I couldn't stand more than two minutes of this game. I cried more than I did while playing Imscared.
  8. I can't agree more, fine sir. I mean, let's take a look at Slender (without any mods). Slenderman himself in the game isn't that scary if you think about it, and in that game, you have pretty good render distance, and, the only noises in that game isn't that scary if you've played it for a pretty long time (like I have). But in Imscared, you have a freaking flying smiling pixelated head chasing you in places where you can't even see 1 meter ahead. And yes, that laugh... that fucking laugh. I hate it. I just hate it. But I've got a mod for Doom 2 that's even more scarier than Imscared. But this one is scary because it has jumpscares. So many freaking jumpscares. It's Ghoul's Forest 3. I promise you, when my big brother played this, he ran out of my room after literally 2 minutes, crying. Do yourself a favor, and don't get Ghoul's Forest 3 for the Doom 2.
  9. Well, you're not the only one on that part. I sat yesterday and played Silent Hill 3 on my PS2, and it was dark exactly everywhere in the game and around myself (this was before I got the flashlight), and all of a sudden, I hear static noises from the radio, and I started to sob and make Heather run around in circles until I eventually ran up to my PS2 to turn it off. I mean, dark exactly everywhere, you couldn't see a thing, static noises growing louder and louder. That was enough for me to get paranoid about that White Face would show up at the edge of my screen.
  10. Well, you are gonna get scared. I've been playing horror games since I was little (maybe I shouldn't have done that), and it's actually my favorite category of games, but this game is really scary. This game will throw scary shit at you just as you walk across a hallway at the beginning. It's very psychological as well, and contains crazy things like talking plants, talking cats, alive teddybears and much else mad stuff. It also contains many traps, some that will scare you. You have to be fast, have a quick mind, and good reflexes in this game, because you WILL find yourself chased by something very often, and most of the times, you are never prepared for it. The Witch's House has a creepy atmosphere and music, and it can make you feel like you're put on edge, and sometimes you can get paranoid (I'm not saying that it's going to happen). Almost everytime, you have to solve puzzles in order to progress in the game. The Witch's House is worth playing, but yes, it is very creepy. Hope I described it well enough. Well, what else can you say about Imscared except that there is a freaking ghost (I don't really know what it is), which name is White Face, that haunts you and your computer in a game with horrible render distance, chases you around in dark areas, makes static noises as he (or she?) closes into you that will make you panic, and really run for your life. I've never fearquited (I don't know if it's spelled that way) in a game before, but this game made me fearquit when White Face showed up at the edge of my screen, as I was running around. As the title of the game says "Imscared - A Pixelated Nightmare", it is a fucking nightmare, even for the toughest gamer.
  11. Awesome, man, thank you! It looks great. Thanks again.
  12. Screw it, I'll try to do a link instead. ... It...It worked? Are you serious?! *Sigh* Well, I've just wasted two hours for nothing. Anyhow, I've spend like... an hour do draw this primitive drawing on MS Paint. I know, I know, it's not great, but it reflects my feelings towards "I'mscared - a pixelated nightmare". As I wrote, it's not great. The girl on the drawing barely resembles my avatar, but hey, I'm working on a much bigger project with a very strict deadline, so I don't have much time. I just didn't care to do it high-detailed, because I only had one hour, so I just mashed together some lines and colours, and BAM, I get this piece of crap. Some say I'm a great drawer, but this is probably the roughest and worst drawing I've ever done on MS Paint. EDIT: The link I put up was the wrong one *clap clap*, good job Anjou, good job. But I've put in the right one now.
  13. Well, I kind of understand that. I've been sitting here and trying to get it to work for two hours, and I barely know what I mean anymore.
  14. It says "Enter Image URL".
  15. Dammit! I can't get it to work. I'm trying to insert an image, I've got the URL code, I copied and pasted it into the field where you enter it, but it won't show up when I try to open it. I've been trying to get it to work for about two hours, but apparently it doesn't work. *Sigh* can someone give me a clue what to do?
  16. LizDiggory is banned for complaining on someone else's avatar, while she hasn't got one herself.
  17. "The Witch's House" is a great horror RPG-style game. It may seem to have a straight-going story, but the end is really unexpected. There are actually two endings, and the one I wrote about one sentence before, is the "real" ending. To get that, you have to get a special thing. According to me, the game is great, it has jumpscares and good puzzles. But be aware that this game requires a quick mind and good reflexes, as often as you will find yourself chased by something. But believe me, the game is worth playing. There are many other awesome games like this, like, "Ib", "Mad Father" and "The Crooked Man". Oh dear, please don't remind me. "Imscared - a pixelated nightmare" is just what the game's name tells you. I can say that after just 15 minutes of gameplay, I sat in my chair, crying. This is one of the scariest games I've ever played. And... holy shit... you've got freaking "white face" as your avatar! I... I... why? WHY? I'm... I'm gonna go and sob in a fetal position in the corner now...
  18. Wow... this is beautiful! You, sir, are amazing. Did it take long to do this?
  19. Hello forumsusers. I've been playing on the Technic Launcher for a long while now, and I've seen and experienced really weird things on it, but this just pisses me off. I can't delete worlds anymore on Voltz, Tekkit Lite or Hack/Mine. Everytime I try to delete a world, after clicking "delete" both times, it loads for a bit, and then it takes me back to the "select world" screen, and the world is still there, and it's still playable. Is there a way to fix this?
  20. Nuclear waste turning you into a radioactive and unbelievable mutant. Think about it. 4 times as tall as usual, four arms, heat vision, can throw lethal blocks at who-/whichever the heck you want, can jump freaking 200 meters into the air, crushes mobs with giant limbs, poisonous, walks twice as fast, can destroy bedrock, and can create explosions by jumping with the force of a Thermobaric Explosives (a quite powerful explosive in Voltz).
  21. holymage! should be a mod because he's the first guy I've ever seen that writes "AWSOME! i love females who can use the internet" And that makes him an awesome guy!
  22. holymage! should be a mod because he seems to have a great idea for an enemy and feature for the upcoming Legend of Zelda games (I really don't know if that's Link, though) I'm a female. I'm actually pretty active on the forums, and I usually log in whenever I can, but it doesn't surprise me that you don't see me around that often, because most of the times, I just don't do anything.
  23. Whenever I see your avatar, I think of Sips and Sjin from The Yogscast, I mean "Big Money, Big Science, Big Fun". It sounds a lot like Sipsco's motto "Big Money, Big Women, Big Fun". Or am I just imagining things?

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      Wow... you're amazing :D. Also, whenever I see your username, jonjon, I think of Jontron from JontronShow and GameGrumps. Don't know if you've heard of him, though. I just wanted to comment something :D
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  24. Dr_Appleman should be a mod because he's smart and has an avatar proving it
  25. *Yawn* I'm gonna have some bullfish sushi, first thing in the morning... I wonder what happens when you mix that with curry and jasmine rise...
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