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  1. *whispers* I swear I know you.

  2. Pssst. It's a sticky at the top of this forum.
  3. ICBM requires the UE API to run. Do a quick search on Universal Electricity API to see if it's for you.
  4. I was clearing my Dropbox, only to find two of my old Yr 9 short story assessments, so if anyone wants to read them, I'll post the link. Or if you want to post short stories you created below, then have a blast. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bhktwhgyi05shou/Assessment%20Writing%20Task%20-%20Short%20Stories.docx
  5. FTFY means Fixed That For You. Also, PM a mod to get it locked.
  6. Wait... I have it! You leave the server. No-one will be able to attack you.
  7. Hide ~2000 blocks away. Hide about 30 blocks underground. Set-up reinforced stone or equivilent round your base. OR Hide in a pocket dimention.
  8. Uh. Yea, you did. I need to sleep before posting,
  9. Sev.giveHumor(true) Now. Back onto XyCraft. You all seen the 1.5 rendering bugs for XyBlocks?
  10. Computers in Computers? Dan200. Stuff moving and not spazzing? Eloraam. Robotic Miners? Spacetoad. DRM in a free mod? SirSengier. A good, peaceful Minecraft Forums? .....
  11. I find that the Technic Packs are general packs, not specilised on one area of MC Mods. But most mods, while achieving the same end goal, have different ways of doing it. Such as IC2, TE and Factorisation. They all have ore processing, but IC2's is fastest, but not that compact, TE is compact but quite slow (but still quite fast) and Factorisations is not compact, slow but can make 3x ores. Different Ways, Same Goal.
  12. No, the don't allow you to keep the cans.
  13. Agreed Prolo Edit: Keeping the email seperate mostly keeps your accounts secure.
  14. I have to appologise. I've just been given my homework for the next couple of weeks. I have to back down from this task, perhaps asking LukeB or Greenwolf (I think) because they also make packs, in fact, I think there was a thread about it somewhere.
  15. Oh.. I feel nomz in my future.
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