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[1.0.13]Vendetta: NOW CHANGED[PvP/RP][20 slots][PUBLIC NOW]


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IMPORTANT: This server has been changed. It is no longer Voltz. Moderators, by all means close this thread. Link:

Welcome everyone! This is Erebus of Erebus Gaming (link below), and I'm here for a special event I've been planning out recently. It's a Rolplay Minecraft Server, but I'll be filming it in a large series called Vendetta.

More content, including Minecraft, will arrive soon on the channel.

I am currently recruiting admins for building the server, watching over the server, and helping me out in the Series itself. Want to do any of those? Go to my website and click on the Contact tab, and look at the requirements for an email to me about you signing up for this. If accepted, you will be allowed in the server before its public launch.

So, you ask, what is Vendetta? Well, I don't want to spoil it for you so I'll just say a few words. It's a roleplay PVP Minecraft server, like I said above, and it is public soon, so grab the modpack and IP and join to play as the main protagonists! Me and my admins will be the enemy, and I will be filming it as I take you down, basically. To see the story so far, visit my website and go to the Vendetta Minecraft Server tab.

Sadly I cannot place in the announcement trailer in this thread. Here is the link instead:

Now, if you are thinking this will be anything like Shadow of Israphel or any other series similar to that out there, then think again. It's going to be VERY different. I promise you that.


  • Most bombs are banned, except for the green (tier one) and almost all of the red (tier 2). Out of the red, only the therm. bomb and the rejunv. bomb are banned.
  • You CAN grief other people's stuff. They will probably kill you though.
  • You SHOULD film this too. I want to see your perspective as you fight the evil (the admins). So don't ask, just do! If you can't don't feel left out.
  • It will be only up when I'm able to film. Wouldn't want you doing the roleplay without me now, would I?
  • No spamming, cheating, or hacking. Goes without saying.
  • IP wil lbe released when the building of the server is finished. Stay tuned!

In an email or down below on this thread, tell me your real (first only) name, minecraft name, Skype name (if you have one), Steam name (if you have one), your age (PLEASE be older than or at the age of 11), if you are good at building, how long you can be on the computer every week, and anything else you think you need to tell me (just some cool info about yourself or something like that). ALSO INCLUDE whether or not you'd like to be part of my series. This series will be heavily reliant on the roleplay factor, so please understand that.

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but i cant film is that alright?

Sure you can join me, you don't need to be able to film. However, I do need the information posted above in bold. You can send me an email or a private message on youtube if you don't want others seeing what you have to say. Thank you!

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IGN: Redlief

First Name: Luke

I have neither skype nor steam

Age: 15

I am very adept at building, having built many nuke worthy shelters, that are rarely breached.

I tend to be on voltz for about 4 hours a week.

I would love to be in your series. Very adept at hiding my bases and stealth ops. This would be a fun challenge. I have never played in a server like this, so it would be a new experience. I do tend to be a loner on servers though, so this would be right up my alley.

I do have some recreational builds in the making right now, including a full size replica of Minas Terith, and a large, very expansive underground base that if I was ever able to build in a voltz server, would gaurantee safety for me from anything short of red matter and antimatter missiles.

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Interested in joining this so.

MC name:Alphalordt60

Skype name:Alphalordt60


I think you see that pattern.

First Name:Tyler

Voltz Time: I am on the US East Coast and I can normally be on for over 8 hours a week, but I delegate a good part of that to LoTC but I can still find time for this.


I'm interested in being in your series though I can't record due to problems finding a good program to record, and not knowing how to. I have heavy roleplay experience, as in actual roleplay and not rpgs. I can be good at building at times though I'll admit I'm uncreative at times. Really I can take any role you want me to take.

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Okay guys, quick update if you didn't read the thread because of the long wall of text which I'm going to try and fix: Server is no longer Voltz. It is a seperate modpack found here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/vendetta.28768 . However, I cannot post a new thread for the custom server, for every time (4 times in a row) it has been deleted without a warning. Going to try one more time...

But yeah, get the pack by adding it into your launcher through the platform URL, and you can join on April First to play! Thanks all!

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