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[0.6.1] NDOG's FunCraft [27/7][PvP/PvE/Multiworld/Minigames][Residence][No MystCraft][30 slots]


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Sever IP Address:

Rules and world listing are at spawn. I run a fairly relaxed server, and the only true standing rules are "Don't be an asshole." and "Don't make chat unpleasant for the other players." That doesn't disallow cursing, however. Just know that the server isn't meant for a younger crowd. I make admin decisions on a pure case-by-case basis. For instance, if your house was blown up by a creeper and you need some cobble, by all means, feel free to ask. But don't take it too harshly if I am too busy with my own house.

EDIT: It's sort of an unspoken rule on my server that nicknames aren't allowed. I didn't think of this until I started getting new players. The reason is pretty simple: I can't do commands on you with your nickname and I will usually forget your real name, especially if you don't play very often.

There are no mods excluded from the base Tekkit Lite modpack (except for MystCraft holy shit that was fiasco) , but I *do* encourage people to install Optifine.

I do not have any banned items as of now, but that is subject to change as the days wear on. I will make any decision on banned items made public at the server spawn.

I run:

1. Multiverse-Core: This allows me to host my multiple world-themed server. There are separate worlds for vanilla survival, tekkit survival, and anarchy/PvP. I also try and throw in "fun worlds", such as the castle from Super Mario 64 or the WoW landscape.

2. Residence: This one is obvious. A player needs to be able to protect his/her shit, right?

3. Essentials: This includes Essentials Economy. The average player won't have much to do with Essentials, but if you end of up getting admin, you should read up on them.

4. WorldEdit: The average player will, again, not have much to do with this plugin. I usually only use this to regenerate the land.

5. WorldGuard: I use this to protect certain parts of the server, like the spawn.

6. AutoSaveWorld: Although I do nightly backups, I use this one to make sure progress is saved often.

My experience with Minecraft has almost entirely been on servers. I started playing on a friend's server, then moved on to a more public server, where I learned how to admin. I eventually quit that gig for a (different) friend's server. He got tired of hosting it after a while, so I was pretty much left to fend for myself. This was around July of last year and at this time, I discovered Tekkit. I played on a fairly large server, but only as a player. Going from full-time admin and then switching topl ayer gave me a lot of insight into how the experience works from both sides. Playing on that Tekkit server also taught me something about myself: Server resets pissed me the fuck off. I vowed that when I ran my own server, I wouldn't do that to players. Although I now understand the necessity of server resets (being not only admin, but operator of my own server), I still don't feel it is justified.

I hosted vanilla Minecraft for about 6 months. The other admins, players, and I tossed around the idea of switching to feedthebeast, but it would wreck the entire server configuration, considering I use bukkit plugins to host multiple worlds. Toward late last month, I discovered TekkitLite. Not wanting to abandon the content of 1.4.7 Minecraft, I never made the switch to Tekkit Classic. Now, I had the perfect opportunity to make the switch and to also "go public". The server as it exists today is the culmination of 15-20 peoples' downtime in the past 6-ish months. To this day, there is still a lot I haven't seen myself, and I know there is still a lot for a new player to discover. All in all, I really love this server. It's been one of the best decisions, not only as a Minecraft player, but a PC gamer in general. Getting to know the players on my server and having a chance to bring them entertainment are the reasons why I stay so passionate. The admin privileges are just icing on the cake.

If I have kept your attention this long, I thank you for giving it to me. If you have any questions at all, feel free to do "/mail send iEamonn <message>" on the server and feel free to email me at [email protected].

And now, pictures!

This is a picture of the spawn castle. Most of it isn't finished, however. It's sort of a work-in-progress. The entire spawn area is protected.


This is a better view of the spawn area.


Where I am standing is about where the protection ends. The world you spawn in is, for a lack of a better term, anarchy. There are designated survival and survival_tekkit worlds for survival playing. In these worlds, PvP is strongly discouraged. In the spawn world (or, world_2), there are no rules. Admins will usually have creative in this world and you shouldn't build here unless you want to seriously test your mettle.


Here is what I like to call the Wither Arena. Here, players can fight the Wither and several other enemies for recreation. Although it is largely unfinished and requires an admin to work, it's a good distraction. I will work on making it autonomous in the future.


An inside view of the Wither Arena.


A fractal one of the admins is working on. He is an extremely prolific guy and expect to see lots of his builds around.


Same admin built this. He was messing around with some of the Tekkit mods and he came up with this. No, I am not exactly sure how any of them work. Yes, they are fucking cool.


The spawn in the survival world. You can get to most of these worlds through a warp center in the spawn castle.


This is a shop that the before mentioned admin started and another admin continued. It's still a work in progress.


My own personal house in the survival world. I like living in tunnels.


A little Easter egg for people who poke around...


I added the Kingdom of Cipher. I will eventually set it up so generally players can explore it.


Still here? Well, again, I thank you for reading this long-winded ramble. If you do decide to become a regular member, I hope to see you online!

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Hmmm. I'm kinda skeptical about playing. This admin you mentioned, is he nice?

All of the main admins are people I know personally and trust. There are a couple people from back when the server was private, but they have all (mostly) stopped playi-..wait..."Kubos"....

Nevermind. The other admin sucks. You should hate him.

Hmmm. I'm kinda skeptical about playing. This admin you mentioned, is he nice?

The server *is* pretty quiet in the evening/early morning hours. Most of the players have been on since way before the forum post, but the switch to TekkitLite drove off a decent-sized portion of the players. Why this change wasn't "necessary", enough of the other players and admins decided that it would indeed be worth it.

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Yeah, I saw you. I said hi but you never said anything back.

Also, is the world you spawn in vanilla?

Yes and no. If you stay close to the castle, then yes, it stays vanilla. Personally I like chocolate, but who cares? Anyways, if you travel far enough where the terrain begins generating, as far as I know, it will become Tekkit. But you're gonna have to walk for a PRETTY LONG WAYS to actually get to that point, so if you go the extra hundred miles, then Tekknically (pun) you should be ungriefable.

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Feel free to email me at [email protected]

A lot of the problems I've been having concerning Multiverse are starting to just..go away.

Not sure if that is good or bad.

Also, please note that if you join the server, please set a Residence.

You can find the command list for Residence here: http://residencebukkitmod.wikispaces.com/Command List

The server is now updated to the recommended version of TekkitLite.

plz love me

Oh, my dear Mage, you talk too much. I'm glad I'm back from Vegas, or else this place would've been doomed to a century of Payne and darkness.

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