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Some of the textures appear to be missing


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I just updated to the new build of the technic launcher (I had no idea I was so out of date on that one) and I just installed the latest version of Voltz (V 1.1.3)

A bunch of items from the Electric Expansion mod appear to lack textures, and look like this. (The below screenshot shows insulated silver wiring next to a 60 volt transformer)


Can anybody help me fix this? I've tried resetting the pack, and then deleting the entire Voltz folder before reinstalling. It doesn't help. What's the problem here?

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I have the same problem using the latest build with sphax 128x128 textures on all cables and transformers, possibly other things too but I've not checked those

Ok, see, I am not using Sphax. This is not a complaint about Sphax, or else I would be over there. Rather, there are missing textures in the files included with the Voltz install.

Downgrading to V 1.1.2 seems to fix the missing textures. I will file this as a bug.

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