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Recruiting for LOTR-RPG!


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I am looking for several people who wish to join a team with me in order to re-create an amazing story inside of MineCraft. This story with follow a somewhat strict RPG-LOTR-esque story-line, with many static characters/bosses played by respected members etc. Who do we need?


We're looking for 2-4 people who are willing to document the events on the server, as well as work with our roleplay-writers to provide a Wiki for this specific server (must have better than-average grammar)

Lore Supervisor/Writer:

We need seriously-dedicated, hard-working, and brilliant-minded people to help us write a legitimate, MineCraft-possible story line that will embrace the users in an absolutely gripping fashion. (Note: Supervisor role is basically "Chief Editor", will be responsible for submitting drafts to me)

Role-Play Handler/Designer:

We're looking for someone who knows Minecraft on a level similar to mine, someone who can help myself and the Lore Writers to connect fiction, to something Minecraft can actually do.

Map Designer:

We're looking for 3-5 people to actually build the world! This won't happen until the lore & RP-Handling is complete, as it will outline a very vivid image of what the Minecraft world should represent. (Note: Must be able to learn/work with VoxelSniper & WorldEdit)

Alpha/Beta Tester:

We're also looking for testers! With this team in mind, we still need community guidance to give the Minecraft world what they so very much crave, so sign up for Alpha & Beta testing! (Note: Alpha testing won't happen until Map Design is roughly 60% complete, Beta testing won't happen until Map Design is 100% complete.)

Anyone is welcome to help, and you're allowed to signup for any of these, including more than one job!

Click here to begin the process of applying!

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