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MCEdit breaks RedPower2 components.

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So, I just finished building this huge HV solar array factory with RP2 being the main component (magtubes, retrievulators, etc). I needed to make a housing for it, so I opened up MCEdit and made a big stone brick factory house just for it. Load my world back up, and suddenly it's as if Notch was replaced by Dr. Seuss. Covers being turned into Wireless Recievers, Retrievulators and Automatic Crafting Tables Mk II were turned into flax, Retrievers, Filters, and Thermopiles were turned into glitchy Ender Chests with no color codes that crash MC upon opening (the color code is null, null, null as opposed to white, white, white), Red Alloy Wires were turned into Wireless Jammers, Magtubes just become plain invisible, etc.

It only affected the HV factory; the rest of the world is fine, but within the glitched chunks, only RP2 blocks are affected. Existing Ender Chests (non glitchy ones put there by me) are fine, as are placed Solar Arrays, Mass Fabricators, everything IC2 was fine. It was only the RP2 components that glitched, but considering that's a big part of my factory, it's completely broken now. When I reopen MCEdit, it still shows the correct names when I mouse over the purple blocks it shows in place of mod blocks (RPMtube for Magtube, etc.) so it thinks those blocks are still there. When I tried walking through the areas where the blocks used to be, it doesn't let me walk through, so the game thinks the blocks are still there. Somewhere in the middle the flax and invisible Magtubes appeared. I don't have a backup (idiot) so how else would I go along recovering my factory?

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Don't open your Tekkit / Technic worlds with MCEdit and always backup your worlds, if you are about to do potentially world-breaking stuff. If MCEdit does not know the values it is being given, it just replaces it with something it knows. The particular problems with RP2 is, that it stores multiple blocks in a single ID and distinguishes them via damage values. I think you are out of luck.

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