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  1. Out-dated programming and bare-bone mechanics do not make for interesting problem-solving. It's more a "how do I work around this stupid quirk?"-thing. I am pretty sure, TE 3.0 will make BC 4.0 obsolete, especially if King Lemming adds some sort of floodgate
  2. Wasn't the relaunch of Tekkit to slim down the modpack for newer, more performant mods and lower levels of unnecessary complexity?
  3. Wait for a Tekkit version for 1.6.x. SinglePlayerCommands has gotten forge-compatible in that version. I have tried it through a number of different ways and it didn't work. Sk89q's focus of development was always Bukkit, so it might be possible the mod is fully incompatible at the moment.
  4. I have a 9x9x9 kill room and I have not managed to spawn a ghast for some time. Cannot tell you why to be perfectly honest. It simply stopped working from one day to the next even though I actually made more room by putting the powersupply underground. Do you light the room with floodlights? Because the floodlights replace air with light, they do not count as viable blocks along the whole length of the beam
  5. Yeah, I have now pretty much hooked up my central processing (distribution of important stuff into DSUs), my ore processing and every DSU to my AE network. I will refrain however from re-designing every single harvester, rancher and grinder however, because the existing BC network works fine and it seems like a lot of hassle. Still get to enjoy the advantage of opening up a single terminal and see everything I have thanks for everyones help
  6. Yes and I am pretty sure this has to do with 1) the individual mob's spawn probability, which is low for ghasts and 2) viable spawn spots. MFR machines usually scan their range block by block, so if it scans at ceiling level, there will not be any viable spawn spots. If it has finally found one, 1) will factor in. edit: all of this considering you left enough room for ghasts to spawn
  7. Hey guys, is there anything like a distribution pipe-thing for AE? For example, I want my rubber from rubber trees to have 1/2 smelted into rubbers bars, 1/2 of rubbers bars smelted into raw plastic and the left over half as raw rubber. is that possible?
  8. Holy cows, ME Interfaces are the coolest thing ever....... craft stuff on demand... the things I am gonna do...
  9. Okay amazing, I think thanks to you all guys, I now have the toolset to get cracking. My creative world where I tested tesseracts, DSUs and processing plays nice and I am super happy, but one last question: How would I handle more than 8 possible inputs in a precision import bus? The obvious answer would be connecting another import bus on another face, but can I do it more elegantly?
  10. Okay, I have understood the purpose of priorities and ME drives for DSUs, but I am seeing difficulties here. I have literally hundreds of thousands of items in my DSUs and wouldn't I fill my ME network with your approach? I actually like DSUs and I don't see a point building expensive storage drives when I already have them. However, there is no way for me to access a stack of items a single time out of a DSU?
  11. Hey guys, with AE I've hit pretty much a brick wall. Honestly, I would really love to change to a smarter system, because I see BC as a necessary evil, that I will readible replace asap. My current base design is like this: modular, seperate short-length networks with BC pipes feeding into DSUs. e.g.: A Harvester outputting into pipes with a diamond or distribution pipe as a loopback into a Planter and an output into a DSU. This works fine, although I do lose a few items every hour due to filled Planters and me being too lazy to incorperate inseration pipes and another loopback. However, since it works fully automated, it doesn't really matter. Anyhow, I am not having a clue, how to properly use AE, when I store everything in DSUs. I definitely see myself improving the ore processing through AE, but other than that, I am pretty clueless. Can I make some sort of "Get me amount y of item x out of DSU for item x" terminal, so I can hide all those DSUs in some sort of cellar? edit: and, how well does AE play with Tesseracts? Or do I have to use makeshift buffers with tesseract --> chest --> import buses?
  12. Also, DSUs remember their contents when broken ==> awesome and flexible
  13. Like weirleader said, put it in a DSU or pulverize for sand --> you get sandstone, which is a cool building material pulverize for sand and smelt it into glass smelt into smooth stone --> stone bricks I have pretty much automated every major building block with a DSU, so whatever renovations come up: I will have enough for it. Actually I think that is pretty much the essence of Tekkit^^ Automate shit you had to farm previously.
  14. Redstone engines do not provide any device with MJ. I am pretty sure they are only useful for powering wooden pipes. You will need steam / sterling engines at least. I would advise you to use Thermal Expansions Steam Engines with Aqueous Accumulators.
  15. If you want pink slimes, capture one and put it in an auto spawner. One big slime will provide more than enough, although depending on your amount of pigs slaughtered per minute, it can take quite a while. Make sure to put a liquid router directly next to the slaughterhouse, so you can seperate Liquid Meat from Pink Slime. Afterwards, revert to your grinder.
  16. Yeah, I think we've got it figured out pretty much, but vanilla AS players will probably brand us as cheaters.. so there goes our authority
  17. Minefactory is a great mod, but at least ore processing should be done with Thermal Expansion (at this point only called TE - better GUI, better BuildCraft (BC) integration). Some Minefactory Reloaded (MFR) blocks like the Block Smasher provide very little feedback, making it hard for beginners. In either case, your first step should be doubling your ore output by TE's pulverizers and a subsequent Powered Furnace or use the MFR Block Smasher and put the output in a TE Powered Furnace. You will need to mine 50% less ore to achieve the same. And boy, you will need a lot of them^^ TE's Steam Engines work very well with TE's Aqueous Accumulator. Water only needs to touch the Accumulator on two faces and it will continously and without energy output water into a BC Waterproof Pipe or an TE Liquiduct. The biggest issue in Tekkit is your power source. Very early on, a few steam engines will provide enough power for your ore processing. Over time, these bastards will chew through your coal however. Hence... Early to mid-game: TE Steam Engines. A really cool idea would be making an MFR Harvester with a tree farm, hooking it up to a TE Powered Furnace and output the coal from the wood into your engines, making it semi-perpetual, albeit at low output. Mid- to late-game: Read up on TE's Magmatic Engines (I recommend getting the mod ExtraUtilities for its Ender-thermal Pump and abstain from using Buildcraft's Pump, because it sucks) or get into MFR's BioFuel Reactor and Generators. Late-game: Build a massive BioFuel Reactor and Generators rig or get into Atomic Science's (AS) Fusion Reactor and Turbines. The amount of power you can generate AND effectively distribute will vastly dictate your tech tier. The rest will come naturally, if you read up on each mod's capabilities. Best thing to do is using this subforum's search function, because a lot of difficult stuff was already covered here. Furthermore, bookmark http://wiki.technicpack.net/Main_Page. Almost every mod and block is covered there with a quick how-to-use. Also, I often go into my creative world and simply test stuff there until it works on my own^^
  18. I am not really sure about that. With the kind of power dumps we have in Tekkit, an AS vanilla config would probably let the mod fade into obscurity, because building multiple reactor moduls with turbines is too cost-prohibitive, at least with default copper generation, which doesn't seem to account for AS' vast hunger for it. Magmatic engines can be easily produced in higher numbers in early stages of your tech tier. At the end of the day, we are still only using a small portion of the mod. At the end of the day, while the fusion reactors seem immensely powerful, most people have farmed 10-20k (more than 21k in my case, the most of it farmed from nether ores) copper to get to the point where they are. It's not really imbalanced, because it is a massive resource dump of a very valuable metal, it just needs a little tweaking on the steam-side. Aafter all, building a second reactor with funnels, magnets and liquiducts is not really difficult, but building several hundred turbines is.
  19. If anything, as long as Atomic Science stays as it is in Tekkit without a steam generation nerf or a turbine output nerf, the issue will persist, because 1 well designed Fusion Reactor is simply able to generate a MASSIVE overhead. I have a single 7x7 flood type fusion reactor that gets fed 2 cells every 6 minutes and creates enough steam for 100 large turbines. I have reused most parts of it ever since my first 4 large turbines and only added cheap conduits, liquiducts, steam funnels and magnets.
  20. So with my modular turbine makeup, my ETs only get fed approx. 80-90 MJ / t each. To boil it down to a single point: Since I have 20 of these, is their voltage not cumulated? edit: i don't get the dynamics between conduits and Energy Tesseracts... I just adjusted my large turbine setup, so that 5 large turbines are connected to one tesseract face. i got that idea out of digdug83's insights. however, now the laser drill prechargers perform subpar, even though I got 80+ turbines... so 20 turbines connect to one tesseract in total and create approx. 400 MJ / t edit2: how can i turn off tesseract loss? cant seem to find it in the cofh config
  21. Okay, but I previously had the energetic infuser being fed by 1 ET with 4 connected faces. However it never pulled more than approx. 100 MJ / t, making me think I have bottleneck somewhere.
  22. Digdug, I don't get that part about the transfer rates of RECs and ETs. I had 4 faces of a single ET connected to an Energetic Infuser. The device worked with roughly 100 MJ / t no matter what I did. Now I have 4 ETs connected with 1 face each to an energetic infuser which runs with 360 MJ / t which is close enough to the approximated optimum of 400 MJ / t. Applying these observations to your logic however, I would need 80 ETs being fed by my reactor... oh shit wait. I have a modular setup of 4 turbines feeding into 4 faces of a single ET.... does this limit my available MJ / t so much?!
  23. Title says all. Does anyone have a clue? I am approaching 50-60 Large Turbines which are continously running and the performance in my Pocket Dimension is beginning to suffer noticably. Though the area is chunk-loaded, the performance is worst when in the dimension itself, making me think this is a render-issue.
  24. I am pretty sure if TE is released for 1.6.x, it will be for BC 4.x.x, or won't it?
  25. I am having a similar issue since two days (didnt change anything). FPS has dropped significantly. Edit: I use Win 7 64 bit and have Java 7 Update 40 64 bit. The issue is texture-pack independent, meaning it persists in both modes Edit2: I deleted the custom javaw.exe profile in my AMD Vision Control Center and the issue was resolved.
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