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can someone send me a server file with working perms

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  1. whoever does this will get a
    donation credit to the server. and
    twitter will be put in my twitter spotlight. thnks in advance,

    tems and policies,

    there are absolutly no refunds.

    in order to recieve
    credit the permissions have to work without op. (if they dont work, i will test, you wont get the donation credit)

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Heres a pretty good one. It has Essentials, LWC, ModifyWorld, PermissionsEx, PluginMetrics

LWC is set up to lock tekkit items too. and permissionsEx just gives people basic commands.

heres a link:


Have any problems with it? Just tell me.

It doesnt have any ranks other than the basic one, if you want me to add one with most permissions (Except harmful ones) for mods and stuff i can do that for you.

Also, I dont need the twitter spotlight, but ill take the donation credit ]D

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