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Possible VOLTZ host, looking for feedback


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I currently have a box that I'm hosting Lite on and I'm looking to get a Voltz server going, with a specific rule set and play style.

Volts is a lot of fun competitively, so I'm looking at starting a server with two factions with 10 players on each side. The server will be locked in Hardcore mode, last man standing wins.

To even out the playing field for those with school or work obligations the server will only be active from 2-7pm (Pacific time)during weekdays and a full 24hours on weekends. Will change to fit the majority timezone.

PVP can only take place on weekends. (I define PvP as anything one player activates to kill another Missiles are an example of PVP... land-mines or traps are exempt and count as PvE)

Further more I'm looking for players that have integrity. No mods to police or be Big Brother. Age doesn't matter so long as you have common sense and play like a "big kid".

Thoughts from the community? Prospective players? Post here for discussion, for consideration make your case and be honest.

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