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1.0.13 Voltz / Launcher problems


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Hi folks i'm really struggling here. Yesterday i had major graphics issues and had to reinstall Windows. When it came to downloading the technic launcher so i could play on my own 1.0.13 server (which i had backed up onto my D:\ before the reinstall) i obviously noticed that a new minecraft version was out AND a new technic launcher. At the time the launcher didnt work at all, tried to download mc.jar 3 times before failing. That issue now seems resolved BUT i'm faced with a new problem.

In the new technic launcher on the options (which is now a cog icon not an options button), i go to that and there is no choice of drop down list for me to pick my client to run 1.0.13! there are only 2 options, Use stable / Use Beta... I've tried both and like hell can i now join my 1.0.13 server.. so where do i go now? P.s i upgraded the server to 1.0.13 from the regular 1.0.11 because i had a world empty of uranium and forums stated this was a problem and to update so that's what i did and previous to these updates it was all working fine. Help! Please! If i downgrade server to 1.0.11 will it screw up my saved world? will it erase all uranium again? I really am stuck.

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Nevermind guys, reading around the posts it seems that the dev builds have been pulled. I guess they want us to only use the recommended builds.. which i'm fine with apart from the fact there are still huge bugs. I mean, my server i run is purely basic voltz, no mods, no addons what-so-ever, and the fact that a massive flaw (sod all uranium to mine) is pretty much a big problem in a mod pack where uranium is heavily required for alot of cool stuff. Ok i guess as admin hell i can spawn in and give myself infinite uranium i need, yeah that's what i'm gonna have to do as i have no choice in the matter.. I've rolled back to 1.0.11 on the server, copied the world folder and all seems to have transferred ok. I'm running the client launcher as Rec build now and able to join again.

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