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Tekkit wont download! And I have no antivirus/firewall


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Ok, tekkit used to work fine. I wanted to reset it so I cleared the cache, but when it started downloading it downloads minecraft.jar 3 times (Or so it says). Heres a video of exactly whats happening.

And yes, I have an understanding of computers (Very well), So don't give me stuff like "Did you reboot your computer?", Because yes. I have.

Tekkit Version: 1.3.2 (Minecraft 1.2.5)

Things I have tried:

Deleting .technic launcher

Deleting tekkit folder

deleting .minecraft

clearing cache

I have no anti-virus

No firewall


Using both technic launcher.jar, and technic launcher.exe

Using a different minecraft account

And even trying to find a pre-downloaded folder of tekkit

Ok, it stopped working after a crash. Here is the log of the last crash:


And the last thing i was doing on tekkit when it crashed was transfering 2 Full Klein Star Omegas to a Diamond Chest, on my tekkit server.

If someone could hurry fast and fix this that would be great, because I run a server and have to overwatch it.


Windows 7 32 bit Home Basic

Java runtime Environment 7

RAM: 3 gb, (1 gb used by graphics card)

Cpu: Amd Anthalon II 64x 4800+

Thank you.

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