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Server getting griefed despite I have blocked tools, etc.

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I have Tekkit Customizer, I once had installed Tekkit Restrict but it wasn't doing anything and when you typed a command for it, it would come back saying 'An internal error occured'

ALL griefed places were protected.

I have blocked things like nukes, tnt, etc.

Some of the griefs were 3x3 holes.

I have reached the end of the road here, I really do not know whats happening.

I have unblocked RM/DM Pickaxe, Axe and Shovel as I had them patched, CoreProtect can track them and they follow protection laws.

Is there some kind of tool that tracks EVERYTHING like this?

Or is there a plugin that blocks ALL tools that bypass this? I don't think tekkit customizer is doing it well.

Or can people give me a list of items that cause this that I can block with Blokker?

Thanks if you help.

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