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Can't Reach Server Problems.

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I recently created a tekkit lite server, i have followed all steps to ensure port are open and everything is correct, this being said people are still not able to connect to my server, was just wondering if anyone had a suggestion or a little input to help me trouble shoot this problem, any help is greatly appreciated.

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Router Fix

it could be alot of things honestly. first make sure your port is actually open with a port checker or something of that nature. make sure the ip address ur entering to forward the port is the incomming one ex (192.186.0.[ ]). Then make sure the port ur trying to connect too in minecraft is your local ex 68.12.152.[ ]. Also windows firewall has to be active and enabled. when you start ur server youll see a message from windows firewall asking to allow java access. if you dont see that message then its not on. if you dont have a router its all basically the same aside from i believe your firewall has solo controll.. any antivirus's ect could mess with it too

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