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Help getting this to work with 1.3.2 server


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Hey all I'm pretty dumb about Minecraft mods, but I had Technic working just fine when I stopped playing about six months ago. A friend wants me to play again and so I'm trying to get this to work on his server and I'm failing miserably. First off, it seems Technic is now defunct and has turned into Tekkit Lite, is this correct?

Secondly, when I try and log into his server it just shows a red X and 1.3, which I assume means it's running Minecraft version 1.3.2. I downloaded that .jar and replaced the one in my roaming folder, and when I load vanilla MC it's showing the proper .jar version in game. When I load Tekkit Lite however, it's showing Minecraft version 1.4.7 and it won't let me connect to that server. Perhaps someone could tell me what exactly I'm doing wrong here and how to fix this? I'd really appreciate it. Dumb it down for me. :P

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I believe to play on your 1.3.2 server you need to be useing Tekkit Classic. They renamed the old Tekkit/Technic to Tekkit Classic when Tekkit Lite came out.

And if you want to use Tekkit Lite then you need to use a Tekkit Lite server (current 0.6.1) to play on.

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