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  1. If you have done a profile name change at Mojang, then use your email, same as your account at mojang to login to Technic Launcher.
  2. It's possible but requires some doing, and at the moment the Technic Solder aren't so user friendly to setup. It requires for you to know how to setup a web server and so on. It might be more work than it's worth, if it just you and your friend are using the pack. But the option is there if you like a challenge
  3. Someone correct me if i'm wrong. "Mod List" will show if you use TechnicSolder(Link) to distribute the pack. And "Permissions & Licensing" will show if you have typed any text in Permissions & Licensing, it's under Changelog when editing your modpack
  4. Mutant Creatures requires the AnimationAPI
  5. Hey:) Yes, i can see you had hit a very common problem, ID Conflict. I will help you further in our Conversation.
  6. Your welcome The main problem was that you had added a API from one of the mods, other then that I think the rest was fine. But did redownload some of the mods and forge to make sure it was up to date And beware if you are makeing the server for it that some of the mods was Singleplayer only so you might run into problems there.
  7. Dragonyu0105: I had a look at your pack and got it working, try and see if it works for you:) Download: Magical There are 2 mods missing that I wasn't sure off or unable to find a updated version, -More Ores and -Helicopter. If you can provide a link to the mods you were aiming for I will then be able to help you further, or you can try on yourself:)
  8. Sure, i don't mind doing some testing. Can't hurt with an exstra pair of eyes:)
  9. Good work, just tested it and it works fine:) Did take some trys but i got to how it works in the end. So i bit more work on a user-friendly gui and you are golden:)
  10. Very nice, you should definitely complete this:)
  11. If you followed plokami666's guide to the point, then the modpack slug should be after /public/mods/ /public/mods/[modslug]/resources/ and the individual mods should go in after /public/mods/mods/ /public/mods/mods/[individual-mods]/[modname-version].zip
  12. Alrighty then:) it should be in "/var/www/public/mods/"
  13. Hmm, you did ask "How do I create a mod pack in Solder?" So I did think you ment how to make it in Technic Solder. Anyway, what you need is a FTP server then, so you can access your files:) Heres a documentation that help me out, good luck:)
  14. LunarianEnclave: It sould be straightforward (or not) -(Edited out the rest of the answer since I read the question "wrong")
  15. Have you tryd the "Increase PermGen Size" option in the launcher? This should fixed random crash/closeing of the game:) And for the "Failed to findLibrary" i think it's nothing to worry about since im haveing them aswell but it doesn't cause any problems for my game.
  16. In your solder, is the modpack set as (Hidden)? If so you need to Edit Modpack in your solder and remove "Hide Modpack", this should make the launcher get the new logo and background. Don't worry, this won't affect the hidden status in Tehcnic Platform:)
  17. To fix the rendering problem for MPS when useing Optifine, find the config file "mmmPowersuits.cfg" and scroll to the line that says "Use Custom Font Engine" and set it to =false Part of the code you should look for in "mmmPowersuits.cfg" #################### # font #################### font { B:"Font Anti-Aliasing"=false I:"Font Detail Multiplier"=4 S:"Font URI"=/mods/mmmPowersuits/fonts/cra.ttf S:"Native Font Name (Overrides URI)"= B:"Use Custom Font Engine"=false }
  18. If the name matches you should get a message saying that you pack was detected in your Solder API when you edit in Technic Platform. Then be able to Link to Solder. So Create New Modpack in your Solder and name it the same as your modpack and the message should appear.
  19. My apologies, didn't mean to sound like that the "modpack.jar" had to be in every folders:) Did use "modpack.jar" as a example for how it should get unpacked to the "bin" folder. Glad that it got sorted out:)
  20. It does have to be in a .zip archive. Also found out for it to unpack properly the archive needs to have the destination folder inside. Like for the "modpack.jar" to go inside the "bin" folder, the .zip archive need to contain a "bin" folder with the "modpack.jar". Else it will just unpack it in the modpacks/main folder. Same goes for "mods", "coremods", "configs", "texturepack" and what else you wanna add :)
  21. Im useing subdomain and it works just fine:) When I had this error it turnd out to be that the API Key got pasted in wrong in the solder.php
  22. Create a folder for where the .jar is gona go. Like for mods, put the .jar in a folder called mods and pack it in a .zip archive and same for coremods, in a folder called coremods:) This includes also for those mods that are already in a archive, found that out when i first tested that stuff got unpacked in the packs folder instead of mods and coremods folder and so on.
  23. Hey, very nice guide Im geting stuck on the last part "php artisan migrate:install" I get this error. PHP Fatal error: Class 'Autoloader' not found in /var/www/application/start.php on line 61 Edit: Third time's the charm Got it working by following sircrimer's comment
  24. I noticed when i was useing the Power Gauntlet with Axe to break normal fences, wooden stairs and signs, that the speed was the same as if I use the bare fists to break it. Slower then a Iron Axe. I got power and it's overclocked to max, it works on wooden planks and so on, but not on stuff made out of wood:) Is this normal? Useing Tekkit 1.0.6 ModularPowersuits-0.6.0-444 MPSA-0.2.3-110_MPS-422
  25. Hey, you won't be able to get in to the server without updateing the client. Atleast that my understanding how it works, both server and client most have same mods for them to communicate.