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  1. I discovered a better way to stop yourself from being tempted to cheat! If you do it the following way, you cannot gift yourself items unless you come out of the game completely and modify a cfg file. 1. Go to your Tekkit folder (C:Users[username]AppDataRoaming.technicmodpackstekkitmainconfig 2. Open NEI.cfg with Notepad 3. Search for "lockmode" and change the entry from -1 to 0. 4. Repeat step 3 (there are two lockmode entries you need to change to 0). 5. Save the file. 6. Load up a game in tekkit and you should find that NEI is now locked into recipe mode only. This applies to both creative and survival modes.
  2. Yeah, it's caused by the advanced solar generator - stick with the basic one instead. I've also noticed that the suit overheats (regardless of what solar generator you have installed) randomly whilst in the nether occasionally. Only way I've found to stop myself dying is to throw the suit on the ground, heal yourself, pick it up again and try to get back to an overworld portal which seems to fix it. Far from ideal I know...
  3. Thanks guys, that seems to have increased power and reduced fuel usage significantly. Now getting 8000RF / tick and reduced fuel burnup rate right down to to 0.05 Have added a few more turbine blades and replace the golden coil with three thick ender blocks. It seems you need insane amount of water being pumped into the coolant port on the reactor (I tried ender fluid but it didn't seem to work). I have like 20 aqueous accumulators tesseracting to the coolant port. Seems the more the better. Is there a better way of getting water into the reactor, instead of building millions of aqueous accumulators?
  4. Hi, So I'm toying around with the Big reactors mod. I have managed to get an actively cooled reactor set up and running but it's only generating 1600 RF / tick (max.). I have an identical reactor which is instead passively cooled (using resonant ender as coolant) which is outputting over 6700 RF / tick. I have set the steam flow rate to be the same in the turbine as it is in the actively cooled reactor (i.e. both 253 millibuckets per tick). Rotor efficiency is 100% and the turbine is running at 1800 RPM (i.e. it's "sweet spot"). The turbine is spinning fast and everything looks good. I have plenty of water feeding the actively cooled reactor. So why is my actively cooled reactor producing around 5000 RF / tick less than the passively cooled one? Surely it should be producing a ton more? It's also burning through fuel at four times the rate. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong! One other thing - I cant's see any ME fluid import / export buses in NEI, or anything to do with liquid management at all in AE for that matter. I'm running Tekkit 1.2.8e. Also, when the turbine is spinning, it becomes translucent...is this a bug??? Cheers
  5. Hmmm might have a look at that. Sounds good
  6. Fulvus' option is the way to go, but just so you know - if you're trying to pump items out of a vanilla chest with TE itemducts, it can be intermittently buggy. I've run into this problem too myself. Instead you can use TE strongboxes as an alternative (I'm sure storage options from other mods work too, though I haven't tried). They're more expensive, but they work much better.
  7. Indeed they're a bit dodgy at the moment and probably not reaching their full potential, but they do work and provide a ton of power if built correctly (i.e. forget about fluiducts for steam atm). Got one in my base powering the whole thing very well . As far as I'm aware they're the only significant power source that requires no user interaction once built (fire it up and forget about it).
  8. Alternatively, you could look at building a fusion reactor from the Atomic Science mod. This uses tonnes of redstone and copper to build, along with other mats. But once built, you'll have more power than you'll ever need for your whole base (well, depends on how huge it is!). This includes powering an MFR laser drill with 4 x prechargers. Also, you'll never have to worry about fuelling it as it takes in water (which is infinite) from an aqueous accumulator or BC pump. Plenty of tutorials on how to build one on YouTube (plus they look awesome!). Make sure you find an up-to-date tutorial tho, as there are many outdated versions around. Save your oil for Galacticraft rockets
  9. You could try the following module combo instead of the jetpack: Flight control, rocket boots and sprint assist (and shock absorbers if on survival, which you probably already have). Assign a key (as described in the earlier posts above) to the flight control module and switch it on only when u need to hover. Also, set the other modules to max power
  10. I find endertanks to be a bit buggy sometimes, but they generally work ok eventually. You could try using tesseracts instead if you're still having problems (though these are more expensive).
  11. I build an MFR autospawner with a MFR grinder on top of it (so that the mob essence collected from the grinder is reused) before pumping the mob drops into an ME network. Find a mob you want and catch one in a safari net, then insert into the autospawner. A little mob essence goes a fair way too. You can quickly harvest mob essence by penning in some cows / sheep / etc and placing a sewer down. Connect fluiducts from the sewer to a composter so it gets rid of the sewage (you'll see why in a mo). Then use carrots / wheat / seeds to make your creatures reproduce and mob essence will accumulate in the sewage pipe when you do this. Simply connect a tank to the fluiduct to collect the essence (green liquid) or attach the tank / pipes directly to your autospawner. Ofcourse you can automate this whole process by feeding wheat / seed / carrots to your creatures using a breeder and utilise chronotypers and grinders. I have this setup in my world and it produces insane amounts of mob essence for use with the autospawner. This might seem long winded but it produces more than enough blaze rods / ender pearls for my needs and can easily be fully automated (plus looks pretty cool!)
  12. It's somewhat rarer now than it has been in the past, but I wouldn't say it's as rare as diamonds are. I find you can still accumulate a fair amount of it after a while. I tend to end up with about a stack or two after several hours play. If you leave a laser drill running you end up with tonnes of it though. It's really for use with endgame content, so it should be pretty rare imo.
  13. Personally, I use BC pipes when starting out in SSP as they are the cheapest to make (but horribly slow, unless you use golden pipes which are expensive early-on). Then when I have collected some resources I upgrade to TE itemducts. Then when I have loads of certus quartz, I build an AE system. AE systems are by far the best IMO.
  14. I don't think you can extract those items placed into a vanilla furnace with pipes. You're better off looking at thermal expansion (TE) "induction smelders" or "redstone furnaces" as these are much more efficient (smelter doubles the amount of ingots you get from each ore block). So if you're starting out on Survival then only smelt the bare minimum ores you need to make an induction smelter and dynamos. There are plenty of TE tutorials on the web and youtube on how to do all this. Try practising building stuff in creative mode first, to learn how things work in Tekkit.
  15. Thanks, this is very useful information Just a few questions that popped into my mind when playing around with this new version / fission reactors last night: 1. Seems as though control rods are no longer needed (after 3+ were needed in the previous version). I had a standard fission reactor and a breeder reactor set up and neither seemed to overheat / blow up in this new version of AS. Is this a bug or is this meant to be like this? 2. Once a fissile rod is completely spent, the rod seems to permanently disappear, rather than just sit empty in the reactor, so I can't recharge it in a breeder reactor. Instead I have to use a redstone timer to eject the fissile rod from the reactor when it gets close to being completely discharged / empty. Again, is this intentional, or is it a bug does anyone know? 3. If fission reactors do still blow up / overheat, at what temperature does this happen? Used to be 727, but I don't know if this is still the case as I can no longer seem to reach this temperature (even without control rods). On the plus side, loads of other bugs seemed to have been fixed now with fission reactors . Not toyed around with fusion reactors yet, but the one I built before seemed to continue to work as normal. Still relatively new to AS, but loving it!
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