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  1. I have a problem with my keyboard. A couple useless keys are broken, however arguably the most useful key In minecraft , the F3 key, is broken. So what I'm asking is if there is any way to use the features of the F3 key without actually pressing it and without buying a new keyboard. Any suggestions would be useful as playing minecraft without F3 is not quite a great experience.
  2. Sorry the technic forums is just what I'm used to and I always get some great advice on here. But the problem was just a matter of of updating Java. I appreciate the help anyways.
  3. I tried your modpack but it keeps saying the download failed and it doesn't load up Minecraft. I'm not using a modpack I just installed the forge client onto my regular minecraft and put the mods into the mod folder. I've also tried ftb unstable but that's not working either. It never actually tries to load up minecraft.
  4. So, what happened was I wanted to try out Thermal expansion 4 on forge 1.7.10 so I install forge I install all the mods needed for TE. I start up minecraft and instead of a title screen there a black screen. But what is weird is that the bottom left corner of the screen just seems normal whereas the rest of the screen is black. I can still interact with the screen like you normally would but I can't see anything. I thought since TE is a very new and buggy mod for 1.7.10 this is just a bug. But every single mod I try for 1.7.10 the same thing happens. I have checked my forge version and I have
  5. I just started playing voltz because it has a lot of mods that I have never played around with before so forgive me if I sound like an idiot about these mods. So all I have is one simple question: Is there any mod that can output power into the electric motor from rotarycraft? Note: don't try and connect a resonant induction cable to the electric motor. I crashes your game:(
  6. The same thing is happening to me. I try and open my single player world and the game quits. This didn't happen after a blackout for me though, it happened after I updated to tekkit 1.2.9d.
  7. I update to tekkit 1.2.9d, and try and open my world. I warns me about some item ID mismatches then it crashes. Every time I try and go on my world the game crashes. Why does the world hate me? :(
  8. Proof that the Jungle island biome page is a thing: http://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLriprjos26pvH0-O2a3zrTivDp98QKERL&v=v8dn0IuWXl0. But I still can't find the page.
  9. Are you using the correct 1.6.4 versions of the mods?
  10. The striking engine is a buildcraft engine so it produces MJ's or Minecraft Joules. The pulverizer runs on redstone flux or RF which is the main power system for all thermal expansion machines. To generate redstone flux you need to use a Steam dynamo, Magmatic Dynamo, Compression dynamo, or Reactant Dynamo. Later on you can make reactors from Atomic Science and Big Reactors to generate Redstone Flux. Edit: I meant Stirling Engine not striking engine.
  11. I've been trying to create a mystcraft age for so long and I can never get it right. All I want is a jungle island (jungle for the grass and island for good fps) that is always sunny. I've tried the following pages: Single Biome, Jungle biome, island world, zenith phase, zero length, normal sun, normal moon, normal stars, no weather, bright lighting. When I try this I usually get two biomes and sometimes they aren't jungle biomes. Or sometimes I get a random biome that is completely nether rack. I also heard that there is a page for a jungle island biome, but I can't find it. Please help me an
  12. How reliable is transferring RF through P2P tunnels? I heard that the P2P Tunnels constantly drain RF and nobody wants that. But running energy conduits and me cable can get annoying. Having 30 tesseracts in your base isn't the solution either.
  13. This gets you soooo much resources. 50k iron and still coming.
  14. You're right the versions of extra utilities are different. But why hasn't extra utilities been updated on Tekkit yet? I'm pretty sure that extra utilities version has been for a while now.
  15. I know for a fact that that there is an ender quarry in extra utilities from playing ftb. But when I look in NEI I can't find the ender quarry. I'd really like to have the ender quarry because I think it would be really useful for quarrying the nether. But why isn't there an ender quarry?
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