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  1. You, sir have come to the wrong forum. You are looking for THIS place. Attention to detail goes a long way.
  2. Check which forum you are on. This isn't Tekkit Classic. You are looking for THIS.
  3. Noticing an issue with Modular Powersuits. There are random massive overheats which lead to death. Found a video containing what I've noticed here. Found a server's forums listing the issue here. This started in 1.2.8 and has gotten worse with 1.2.9. I am trying to test what might be causing it, and I would like some help. If you've already figured this out or the answer is somewhere I haven't looked yet please let me know. Thank you.
  4. I know you're very excited that you found a closed loop involving multiple mods to get yourself some nice stuff. Rightfully so. Good job. What you are proposing or something very similar to it has been figured out and shared on this and many other forums many dozens of times. Good on you, but don't be surprised if your discovery isn't hailed as a pinnacle moment in Tekkit history.
  5. The GUI of the prechargers has always looked like the energy was sitting there. That is just it moving the power to the drill itself before the GUI has a change to update. Like you said, the drill is working. That and the light moving from precharger to drill block are the two tests for connectivity. Looks like you're working just fine, LSPI.
  6. By Big Reactors' efficiency standard (in the GUI of the reactor) I am at 507%. By the standard that you're presenting, I am at 96.13 (32,300 RF/t @ .336 mB/t) 32300 / 336 = 96.13. This is with rods at 100% and Gelid Cryotheum cooling. 15 wide x 15 long x 3 high. Two screenshots linked below: This is the controller GUI after the reactor had time to sit and stabilize. The entire inside edge is coolant and the rods / coolant are checkerboarded on the inside 11 spaces.
  7. If what jakalth suggested didn't work, you might also want to check to see if you're using Atomic Electromagnets with your accelerators and not just Electromagnets. In the latest big update to AS, they separated the two. Each serves a specific purpose now and are not interchangeable. EMs are for reactors, Atomic EMs are for Accelerators. The EM Glass still works for both.
  8. There is also the option in WAILA to show liquids. Numpad0 to bring up waila options or default quickeyed to Numpad2 or 3 I believe.
  9. I never noticed that they added that recipe. Thank you for the information.
  10. Yes, I am excited to see the new changes to Big Reactors myself. The turbine mechanics will be interesting, I think. Overall, it's nice to see that mod get such frequent and nice updates.
  11. This is a copy/paste from a thread I wrote in the forums of the server I play on. This is after some extensive testing (every liquid in tekkit 1.2.6b). Gelid Cryotheum being a miracle coolant is a myth (though it should be). Please forgive the messy table format, I couldn't get html table code to work in these forums. ________________________________________ Alright, here is a comprehensive breakdown for Big Reactors. Tutorials online will show you how to set one up; this is the stuff they do not mention. This is a number-crunch if you want to maximize your efficiency and not waste any time / resources running tests of your own. For each vertical level of a reactor that contains a fuel rod (that is not the outside casing) your heat will rise by 40° C. This is regardless of cooling. In fact it doesn't matter if you don't have any cooling at all, your temperature per level of reactor will not make any difference. The presence / type / amount of liquid cooling only affects the RF/t output. Coolant °C RF/t Nothing 40 45 Liquid Yellorium 40 60 Resonant Ender 40 80 Energized Glowstone 40 60 Blazing Pyrotheum 40 70 Destabilized Redstone 40 60 Water 40 60 Milk 40 60 Chocolate Milk 40 60 Liquifacted Coal 40 60 Liquid Cyanite 40 60 Sewage 40 60 Gelid Cryotheum 40 60 BioFuel 40 60 Mob Essence 40 60 Mushroom Soup 40 60 Oil 40 60 Fuel 40 60 Liquid Meat 40 60 Sludge 40 60 Toxic Waste 40 60 Liquids that will not work: Lava - Big Reactors does not recognize it as a liquid, and thus will not become a finished multi-block structure once lava is inside of it. Pink Slime - Keeps turning into little slimes, so you cannot get an accurate readout of how it works within the multi-block structure. So as you can see, you only really have four options: Nothing / Pyrotheum / Ender / Everything else. This pattern continues for each level of the reactor with a fuel rod until you exceed 900°C and approach 1000°C, where the numbers start to break down and fuel usage starts climbing at a quick rate. This gives you about 23 levels to work with (25 including the outside casing). With Resonant Ender liquid cooling, that gives you about ~1700 RF/t to work with per reactor with a pretty efficient fuel usage. I hope that helps clear up some of the fog around this Mod. Enjoy.
  12. If mining by hand (that is yourself doing it and not a machine), getting a powersuit would really help. The fist from that mod (powerfist, which is entirely self-sufficient and doesn't require the rest of the armor), has pickaxe, axe, shove, and even hoe attachments that ensure that you only have to use that one tool. Further, each attachment has a power slider that will speed up the digging many-fold by consuming more power from the battery on-board the fist / armor. As far as I know, that is the fastest possible manual digging tool available.
  13. I shouldn't have updated before I tried to answer this question because it is not showing up now in either WAILA or NEI no matter which settings I tweak. Sorry to get your hopes up. I can tell you for sure that 100 RF/t does work and I haven't tried any lower (you can only go down to 50 RF/t with a resonant cell).
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