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  1. at StevenDimDoors.mod_pocketDim.core.PocketManager.createAndRegisterBlacklist(PocketManager.java:697) In my experience, deleting the dimensional doors blacklist file (in your world save > Dimensional Doors > data > blacklist) will fix this. It appears to replace all its entries with null for some reason, and deleting it will force it to re-create the black list. Note: Pocket dimensions may have corrupted, and after the black list error is fixed, you may run into others. Server crashes cause dimensional doors to go ape sh*t.
  2. Number pad 0 will disable WAILA (the rectangle at the top of the screen)
  3. There would be something a long the lines of "Dimension does not exist" or "Failed to handle packet: kicking player" Its most likely a conflict with a mod added by op, or just a rare occurrence
  4. While I don't know the cause of the issue, and have never had it myself, the reason for the crashing upon login is due to your character being physically located in a dimension that is somehow bugged. Deleting the dimension folder would only mean your character is now in a dimension that does not exist, and the only way to fix this would be teleporting your character out. How to retrieve your character: 1) You can use MCEdit to move your players location to the overworld(there are many fantastic tutorials out there) 2) You can maybe use NBT editor to change your location in your serve
  5. I'd look into the mods you've added. I'm running a 1.2.8d server and its been at 3gb ram usage for a week
  6. Extracells and Tinker's construct for sure would be sweet, I have them added in my server and absolutely love them. Also bibliocraft is great, just to make interior design more fun.
  7. I love WAILA for most things, but it gets frustrating trying to make secret doors or qcraft walls when people can just mouse over the block and see that something is hidden there.
  8. If I can get it to happen again, i'll upload a log with the error, busy today so might not be able to till tomorrow
  9. I can confirm this. Players keep going into random doors in the world(the ones that spawn in at gen) and then get "Internal Server Error". Only way to fix it is to port them out manually myself.
  10. I'm not able to test it myself atm, but do Ruby, Sapphire, and Peridot axes work with Treecapitator yet? Had to add them to the config myself in 1.2.6, not sure if that was intentional, or missed.
  11. I actually find computercraft easier to use
  12. really? that's good to hear, have to try that out later!
  13. Is there a way to monitor the amount of RF in a Redstone Energy Cell with computercraft? I tried a power sensor, but it doesn't seem to work with thermal expansion 3. Any work arounds?
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